Kapamilya Toplist: Dagul’s superbly amusing, gigantic scenes on Goin’ Bulilit

Through the years, we have seen many cute and talented kids grow in Goin’ Bulilit. We witnessed how they come so little and go by the time they start to enter adolescence. And when they do, they “graduate” from the show, except one. He is none other than comedian Romy Pastrana who we know better as Dagul.

Scouted by singer/host Randy Santiago in the late 1990’s, he gained his stage name “Dagul” that is colloquial term for “giant” as an ironic quip to his estimated two feet height. Dagul started his career in the showbiz industry by doing minor roles on comedy films. He appeared in the 1999 comedy film titled “Isprikitik, Walastik Kung Pumitik,” which was topbilled by renowned comedians Redford White, Carding Castro, Bernardo Bernardo and Bonel Balingit. A year after, Dagul became part of the 2000 comedy film titled “Juan & Ted: Wanted,” which starred Bayani Agbayani and Janno Gibbs.

In the early 2000’s, Dagul officially became a Kapamilya and his career continued to thrive. He became constantly visible on comedy gag shows and situational comedy shows, namely Ok Fine Whatever, Masayang Tanghali Bayan and Yes Yes Show. In 2005, the first-ever children’s gag show titled Goin’ Bulilit was launched and Dagul became a mainstay for 14 years.

As the only adult in Goin’ Bulilit, Dagul’s presence is one that truly made the show much more interesting. Each time the show airs on our television screen every Sunday, we saw how he blended in with the kids. He also became a ‘kuya’ or a ‘tatay’ to the young cast of the show. In the game segment of the show titled “Ready, Get Set, Goin’”, he always served as a host who gave guidance to the kids. Whenever it’s time to graduate, we all witnessed how the kids gave their words of respect and appreciation to him.

Dagul’s style of being a comedian was simple yet unique, not to mention his diminutive frame that became his strongest asset. Although his approach in comedy always conveyed ridicule, he delivered his acts vigorously at all times. The segments that undeniably left us ROTFL were “Dagstionary,” “Kung Fu Shoes Say” and the witty “Dagul Twisters.”

Another shining moment for Dagul was when he became the center of the spoof titled “Dagul of Me.” The parody skit was based on 2015’s romantic drama-fantasy series titled All of Me, which starred Albert Martinez, JM De Guzman, Yen Santos and Arron Villaflor.

Indeed, Dagul is one of the pillars that kept Goin’ Bulilit going. The show would definitely not be the same without Dagul’s exceptional talent and guidance. He has given us a great dose of entertainment, as he showcased his funny personality while exhibiting camaraderie with the bulilits of the show. His stint on Goin’ Bulilit will certainly leave a lasting mark on all the viewers, proving what a tiny man with gigantic talent can do.

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