These classic Goin’ Bulilit “Sinetch Itey” gags combine throwback and laughter!

You have probably used “sinetch itey” during fun-filled conversations with friends at one point in your life, after hearing them from the kiddie gag show, Goin’ Bulilit’s iconic segment. To reminisce on the classic rib-tickler and serve major throwback feels, here’s a compilation of the best Sinetch Itey skits throughout the years!

The segment made its debut back in 2008 with Nash Aguas as Hershey, Basty Alcanses as Chocnut, and Aaron Junatas as Goya, cross-dressed as the ‘girls’ serving blind items in gay lingo. “Sinetch Itey,” which means “sino ‘to,” was always a riot with the child stars’ punchlines and on point portrayals.

The gag made a comeback in 2016 as Sinetch Itey: Special Edition to give viewers another round of good laugh and to celebrate the show’s anniversary. Clarence Delgado as Mona, Bugoy Carino as Jenny, and Izzy Canillo as Rica all looked naturally feminine as they shared blind items as a tribute to then-graduating Batch 11. Adding more the laughs was the group of girls flaunting their moves ala noontime show dancers. Altogether now: “Funny, funny, funny! Very, very, very!”

It was followed by Sinetch Itey: Trending Edition. JJ Quilantang as Peach, Marco Masa as Strawberry, and Raikko Mateo as Duhat served the juicy ‘chismax’ inspired by the names of popular personalities in the country. Modern witticism made for good vibes!

The kiddie crew also pulled off a political comedy, the kind of entertainment we needed to relax from stressful current events.  Clarence Delgado was back as Monay, joined by JB Agustin as Cupcake, and Marco Masa as Muffin in Sinetch Itey: Blue Ribbon Committee Edition, where they asked for wild guesses about satirical ‘chismis’ taken from the names of prominent politicians.

The most memorable episode which brought viewers not only sidesplitting comedy but also major throwback feels was the Sinetch Itey: The Reunion. It featured some Bulilit graduates, all grown-up, but just as adorable and energetic!

John Manalo as Beauty, CJ Navato as Pretty, and Igiboy Flores as Cutie looked gorgeous as they portrayed the panel giving blind items about their fellow alum. Child stars turned leading ladies Miles Ocampo, Mika dela Cruz, and Sharlene San Pedro together with Nikki Bagaporo and Mikylla Ramirez served as the Sinetch Itey dancers.

Even seasoned actors would attest to the challenges of crossdressing for a gay character but these kids made it appear so easy and effortless, which is one of the reasons why Sinetch Itey has made an impact on the viewers. Which Sinetch Itey blind item was your favorite?