KSnaps Vice Everybody Sing S1 outfits

We, Filipinos, absolutely love to sing, music, and karaoke. Thus, there’s no wonder that Everybody Sing is such a great hit when it was initially launched in June 2021 as it doesn’t only amuse us with the funny antics of its host Vice Ganda and her banters with the contestants (a.k.a. the songbayanans), but it also gave us an excuse to sing our hearts out every weekend night even without any occasion.

And two years after its inaugural season was released, the well-loved musical gameshow is making its return this coming June 3, 2023. But before we get to see the premiere of its third season, let’s look back first on all the fabulous and extraordinary outfits that the Unkabogable Star donned in Season 1 that made us really excited to see her every week in this Kapamilya Snaps feature!

Avid viewers of the show surely know that her OOTNs either match the occupation or categorization of the songbayanans, the occasion, or just simply wants to dress up like a popular character or personality. To show her endless love for the songbayanang Grocery Frontliners, Vice mesmerized us with her transformation into superstar Diana Ross and wore a bejeweled white gown with sleeves made of what seemed to be plastic bags. She went on to perfectly recreate the trademark look of another icon, cartoon character Betty Boop, from the hair to the dress when it was the fitness instructors’ turn to play.

The Songbayanang Massage Therapist were indeed double winners during their stint because they do not only take home the jackpot prize, but they also got to see Vice Ganda’s stunning depiction of Egyptian Queen Cleopatra.

Meanwhile, in the Security Guards episode, she was able to show that she indeed believes in life after love by dressing up as the Goddess of Pop, Cher. She went on to transform into “Queen of Pop” Madonna when she met the valiant employees and volunteers of Philippine General Hospital, and then into the iconic white look of Hollywood legend Marilyn Monroe when it was the live online sellers’ episode.

In her meeting with the songbayanang kasambahay, Vice showed up as the well-liked Disney animations star Moana, then the famous mascot and Sesame Street character Big Bird during the Comedy Bar Performers episode. “Frozen”’s Elsa may be the snow queen, but Vice was relatively warm and amiable towards the songbayanang teachers.

For the Songbayanang Street Vendors episode, the Kapamilya host portrayed the popular Street Fighter Chun-Li, and then she went on to become a real-life Barbie Girl by putting on blonde locks and an all-pink ensemble for the Songbayanang Extras and Talents.

The Born to Hike Mountaineers might always aim to reach new heights (literally!), but Vice opted to plunge into the deep-sea waters by putting on her version of the Little Mermaid costume. She seemed to have stepped out of the fairytale when she portrayed Little Red Riding Hood for the Songbayanang Drivers.

Vice then brought beauty and elegance in the Seafarers episode by slipping in a Black Swan costume, and mesmerized us when she transformed into global pop superstar Beyonce during the Songbayanang Labandero’t Labandera episode.

When it was the Barangay Tanods’ turn to play, she delighted us with her depiction of Mobile Legends character Layla by wearing blonde hair and brandishing a makeshift energy canon. And it seemed that the gold medal she put on when she appeared as Pinay Olympian Hidilyn Diaz brought good luck to the Songbayanang Call Center Agents as they’re able to bring home the jackpot prize.

She then became the well-loved cartoon character Hello Kitty, complete with a giant red bow and cute blue dress, during the Flight Attendants episode. Portraying the badass villain Harley Quinn, she certainly delighted the Songbayanang Factory Workers. The same went when welcomed the stage performers as the fierce and powerful Black Widow.

The Unkabogable Star was able to prove that she’s not the only one who is versatile, but her sense of fashion, too. She became the popular Troll named Princess Poppy during the Tourism Industry Workers episode, while she chose to be Pebbles of The Flintstones when she faced the pageant winners.

In the episode featuring Content Creators, Vice Ganda embodied the iconic Charo Santos when she attempted to portray her. She then went on to become Poison Ivy in the presence of the National Athletes, and Raphael of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for the Perya Performers.

Who do you want Vice Ganda to portray next, Kapamilya?