Tessie Tomas Dirty Linen Vlog

Her character Doña Cielo Fiero in Dirty Linen may be despised because of how wicked, ruthless, and domineering she is. But in real life, veteran actress Tessie Tomas is actually lovable, warm, and cordial, as seen in her latest vlog, wherein she took us behind the scenes of the controversial primetime series and had a little chat with a few of her co-stars.

She started off the vlog by showing her preparations and the bags and stuff that she usually brings to their taping. She then traveled from her condominium in Makati City to ABS-CBN to undergo COVID-19 antigen test, and from there, she and her ever-dependable longtime personal assistant Lorna then headed to Batangas. 

While she’s having her hair done, Tessie spoke with her co-star John Arcilla, who plays as her son Carlos. According to her, it’s indeed a great honor to share scenes with him because he is an award-winning actor who has a strong voice that he finds it difficult to beat. In return, he also expressed that the pleasure is also his to be able to work with an icon like her.

When asked what he enjoys the most about Dirty Linen, he imparted that it would be the fact that it’s not the typical type of series. He hopes that all of them would be able to sustain it, despite the changes in the narrative that sometimes depend on the reactions of the viewers. 

“I really pray na somehow sana ‘yong creative [side], tayong lahat ma-sustain pa rin natin kung ano ‘yong gusto nating ma-achieve dito sa production na ito. Kasi kung gusto nating magpakita ng bago, sana ma-sustain natin na hanggang sa dulo na it’s really something different, it’s really something fresh para mapanindigan natin nang husto at maging gamechanger ‘yong show,” he stated.

The showbiz icon then confessed how she gets sometimes starstruck by his acting and how he compellingly portrays his role, which inspires and pushes her to do well in her job, too. John remarked that hearing those words from her is such a great honor and reiterated that having talented co-actors like her also helps because one’s performance will be affected by your “scene-mate.”

She agreed and stated that it could be the reason why the Fiero family figuratively breathes out fire every time they speak, making their scenes more exciting. Before parting, she wishes that John will go “very, very far in the ladder of stardom” and more power to their series.

Tessie then continued having her hair and makeup done while studying the script and throwing lines. She revealed that part of her preparations as Doña Cielo is to have her hair fully bleached for 10 hours and dyed in two passes in order to achieve the platinum grey color, to which she agreed doing instead of wearing a wig. And it’s able to work its magic as fans commented how she appears extra powerful, intimidating, and glamorous with her hairdo.

After having her hair and makeup done, she popped by the actors’ holding area, where their community pantry is also situated. She caught co-actress Angel Aquino, who plays the role of her daughter Feliz, rummaging through the snacks that were brought by the cast members and the production staff.

As we witnessed how her character Feliz got addicted to gambling, Angel said that she actually never experienced it in real life, so she sought the guidance of their directors in order for her to internalize that facet of her character and simply understood what Feliz was going through or feeling that time.

Tessie then talked to Janine Gutierrez, who plays the dual roles of Alexa Salvacion and Mila Dela Cruz. When asked how difficult it is to portray two different roles in one, she disclosed that it was a bit confusing especially in the beginning because the differences had to be clear between the two characters. Thus, she just follows the instructions of their directors with regards to the nuances, as well as what are written on the script. 

She also said that playing Mila is more challenging than Alexa since the former is just pretending, so she has to conceal her true feelings, and, at the same time, the audience must know about it. Meanwhile, her motivation in portraying Alexa is her love for her family since she and the other avenging characters are doing what they’re doing because of their love for their families.

Coming from a family of premier thespians, she asked Janine if she’s able to get tips from them. The latter revealed that there’s actually nothing specific, but she has already learned a lot from the examples of their works, which entails professionalism and camaraderie. She further shared that her mom, actress Lotlot de Leon, is also thrilled to watch the show regularly and, at the same time, is all-praises about it, too.

Last, but definitely not the least, was Xyriel Manabat, who portrays the role of her granddaughter Tonet. It was revealed that the community pantry at their set is actually her brainchild, as she initiated the sharing of food and others followed suit. 

Since she’s been in the industry ever since she was a kid, she shared that her stints through the years taught her that acting should begin in the eyes of her character, but not necessarily through the tears or the delivery of the lines or the memorization. This is because she believes that the eyes can convey whether an actor simply acts out a scene or really exudes the emotions required. 

When asked what she prefers between bida or kontrabida roles, she said that it would be the former for her since it could be tiring to do eye rolls repeatedly, which villains usually do. And Tessie couldn’t agree more.

She capped off the vlog by expressing her gratitude to the audiences for consistently watching the show and the promise of continuously giving their best.