Francine & Seth on Love & Relationships

The first interaction of their characters Chiara and Nico in the controversial Dirty Linen truly brought kilig vibes to their fans and fervent shippers.

As we look forward on seeing them share the same screen in the next episodes, Star Magic featured Francine Diaz and Seth Fedelin in its “The Hows of Love” segment, wherein they’re asked to impart their personal views on relationships and love.

FranSeth, as what their loveteam is fondly called, commenced the episode by divulging their top love language. The first one to share was Francine, who revealed that she used to always say “acts of service” because she likes to give letters to her loved ones, then physical touch and words of affirmation. On the other hand, it’s quality time for Seth as he tends to exert effort and go the extra mile for the person he loves by going to him/her wherever he/she is and throwing surprises for him/her.

With regards to how important friendship is in a romantic relationship, he firmly believes that it’s the major thing needed in a relationship. She seconded it by saying that it’s highly important for two people in a relationship to build their friendship first because personally, she doesn’t want her future special someone to be just purely romantic, but can also keep pace with her kabaliwan and kakulitan.

As the topic of “red flags” has been prevalent on social media, they also tackled the behavior they find undesirable in a person they’re going to date in the future. Francine conveyed that it’s a huge turn off for her if that person will be dishonest and will always put his best foot forward, to which Seth agreed because he also values transparency in a relationship.

When it comes to their opinion on “white lies” in a relationship, Seth implied that telling harmless or trivial lies is okay for him. He explained that there are some that would be beneficial because there are things that are no longer necessary to be told to your partner or he/she should know in order for them not to get anxious. But it isn’t justifiable when you cheated or did something wrong.

Meanwhile, with regards to what makes up a healthy relationship, both of them agreed that it would be good communication. Francine reiterated the significance of honesty, efforts, and making time for your special someone, as well as reminded couples out there, especially those their age, to not immediately consider arguments as squabbles, but just a mere discussion. They must remain calm as they talk their problems out, find solutions, and amend their misunderstandings. Seth also added respect and appreciation.

Both of them also agreed that being completely healed from past traumas is also important before entering a relationship because it’s a form of respect to the person to whom you’re going to be involved with. For Francine, the major step in the process of healing is for one to love and be true to himself/herself first, so we should not be in the rush to find a new love because there are more people who will surely come into our lives. But if nobody arrives, then you may pour out the love that you have in your heart to your loved ones, strangers in need, or even animals.

Seth then commented that there could also be an instance when you will need someone to help you get through the healing process, yet you must not take him/her for granted when you’re already okay.

And lastly, they were asked to choose between “tamang relasyon” or “masayang relasyon,” in which they had different perspectives. Although he already picked “tama,” Seth agreed when Francine said that it’s actually a matter of choice. According to her, we can be in the right yet unhappy relationship, and at the same time, be in a happy yet wrong relationship. She stated, “It’s all about your choices, it’s all about the choices you make. Pwede kang maging masaya at tama pa rin ang ginagawa mo. So, I would choose ‘yong masaya.”

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