Janella Salvador in Cinemo’s GG-Han

All hail, Janella Salvador, the Queen of Witty Comebacks!

Since she was a teen, Janella has carried her own brand of charm glazed with candor and humor. The Kapamilya actress flaunted these qualities in an episode of CineMo’s GG-Han hosted by Nonong Ballinan and James Caraan, who opened the show by copying her snake and mermaid characters in Mars Ravelo’s Darna and in the film “My FairyTail Love Story.”

Janella was first asked about her portrayal as Valentina/Regina Vanguardia in the recently-concluded Darna series, like if she has a favorite among her snakes or if they get stung by shampoo. She called in her favorite ‘snake’ Cora, who makes a barking sound instead of hisses.   

Things got more interesting when she gave bashers a taste of her 'venom' in the “Bash Daily” segment. Nonong and James read hate comments from Twitter, to which Janella must react. The first one said Janella has nothing to offer and that’s why she rarely gets projects. How did she handle the tweet? By mimicking the hater’s profile photo. 

She was also told her attitude smells like crap, which isn’t offensive because her crap "smells like vanilla." When called "maarte" and asked to just do household chores, she obliged by demonstrating how she handwashes her baby’s clothes and sweeps the floor. She does it with poise, “Do you have problem with that?” Besides, “As long as you have a good heart, what’s wrong with being maarte?” 

Someone had the nerve to say nasty words about her bikini photo. In response, she prayed, “Lord, Ikaw na bahala sa kanya,” after James read the hater’s motto. 

A netizen left constructive criticism about her Valentina costume, then, backpedalled by appreciating her acting. From there, she revealed that she invented Valentina’s body movement on the spot after Director Chito Roño asked her to. Also, her creepy-looking contact lenses often misalign, so she had to adjust them every time. 

The hosts had to ask what her trending kissing scene with Joshua Garcia– which netizens dub as ‘mukbang’ – tastes like. Janella replied with humor, saying Joshua asked if she brushed her teeth before the take.  

In the “Choose Your Bottle” segment, Janella picked the question, “Bakit effective ka as Valentina? May umahas na ba sa’yo?” She jestingly asked for Valentina’s leftover wine and said they might not have enough time to cover her life story. In all seriousness, she imparted that it may be because she has gone through a lot – but, thankfully, she has never experienced betrayal in real life. 

Janella quipped that she lost some brain cells over Nonong and James’ “hard-hitting” questions. Check out the full episode by playing the video!