Narda & Brian’s LQ in Darna

LQs inevitably happen in any relationship and it becomes even trickier when it involves differences in values.  Even Narda (Jane de Leon) and Brian (Joshua Garcia), with a seemingly perfect romance, also hit tough times. The couple currently goes through fights brought about by their conflicting views of justice and their friendship with Regina (Janella Salvador), as shown in this Friday 5 video.

Regina’s revelation as Valentina sparked heavy discussions between the lovers. It is because Brian must adhere to Mayor Zaldy (Simon Ibarra)’s shoot-to-kill order against the snake woman, which didn’t sit well with Narda as she is bent on saving Regina from her villainous destiny.

She is willing to sacrifice a lot in an attempt to take Regina back, proven when she helped the Vanguardia Foundation recover. However, Brian saw it as Narda putting her life on the line trying to save a person who is already dead. For him, Regina is gone. He said that Narda’s greatest weakness is Regina and until she learns to let go, her life and mission as Darna will be at risk because even the magical white stone will not help if it’s her heart that’s holding her back. Then again, Narda would refuse to take orders, especially when it’s about her BFF.

It wasn’t the last time they clashed over Regina. In the next scene in this video montage, we witness Brian airing out his frustrations about Narda’s soft-heartedness toward Regina following the latter’s attack that almost put  Lola Berta (Rio Locsin) and Ding (Zaijian Jaranilla) in danger. Even Narda was hurt. “Walang pinagkaiba si Valentina sa mga pumatay sa magulang natin,” he told Narda, who easily dismissed Regina’s recent crime.

He had the same reaction to his girlfriend merging with Klaudio (Joko Diaz), the Martean who killed Leonor (Iza Calzado) but disowned Borgo. While Brian looked at it as potential danger, Narda saw it as a story of redemption, believing that Regina can also leave villainy behind as Klaudio did.

Narda’s no-big-deal attitude with Regina’s nefarious acts is burning up Brian’s patience we’re scared it might lead to their breakup. She felt the intensity of his emotions she asked if it meant giving up on their relationship. Brian, furious over Valentina killing a cluster of his Task Force, vowed to also finish the snake woman as the only way to serve justice. But, for Narda’s sake, he will only do it should he catch Valentina by himself.

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