15 times Brian was mesmerized by Darna

Considering the threats that will spark once people find out her secret identity, Narda Custodio (Jane de Leon) has all the reasons to be elusive as Darna. People didn’t even know her superhero name at first, tagging her as Babaeng Lumilipad. But aside from her family Lola Berta (Rio Locsin) and Ding (Zaijian Jaranilla), there’s only one person she talks to in her fight suit, and that’s none other than Brian (Joshua Garcia).

She joined forces with Brian in pursuit of peace and order across Nueva Esperanza. While they’re supposed to keep it purely business, sometimes they become so comfortable with each other their conversation turns a little ‘kilig’ and playful. Watch their cutest interactions via this Kapamilya Toplist of scenes from Mars Ravelo’s Darna.

It can’t be denied that Darna brings Brian’s gazes to a standstill. Her beauty never fails to leave him breathless. Check out that scene where she saved the public from a suicide bomber. Same thing happened when she helped the cops rescue a group of young girls from the syndicate. She chose to evade his gazes to avoid a display of familiarity.

Bent on vanquishing the Extras, Darna allied with Brian, the head of Mayor Zaldy (Simon Ibarra)’s task force. She knocked on his window one time to instigate their alliance. We felt giddy as Brian gets noticeably mesmerized by his surprise guest. Then they discussed their investigations about the Extras.  To avoid stirring up his suspicion and keep things less awkward, Darna mentioned Brian’s father (Jeric Raval), who was saved by the First Darna, Leonor (Iza Calzado).

They worked as a team. She’d patrol at night around Nueva Esperanza while he takes charge of the investigations. One of their most unforgettable fights together was against Killer Ghost (Christian Bables). Although they failed at first, their low-key exchange of glances as the victim comments on Darna’s beauty added charm to the scene.

Moving forward into their partnership, they share a healthy way of getting to know each other. Brian makes Darna comfortable by teasing her. In a scene, he said he better leave his windows open so she can easily sneak in. Then, he compared her to Narda as they’re both caring, although the latter is quite childish and prone to trouble. He smiled, saying a part of him wishes to protect Narda at all times. They promised to call each other when needed. Darna took a pen and wrote their special code on Brian’s palm.

After Killer Ghost, they worked next on catching Clone Man (Neil Coleta) and a bigger syndicate. They start to develop a strong bond. Darna is hard at work saving the people of Nueva Esperanza while Brian also puts in his best effort to trace the leader of the syndicate. In a scene, she saved the cops from an explosive and helped capture the suspect, although the latter was shot by the gunman even before they were able to extract a testimony. Darna and Brian tried to revive the suspect but without success. This only means more of their teamwork and interactions in the coming days.

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