11 Extras that Darna defeated in Mars Ravelo’s Darna

Darna (Jane de Leon) is determined to soar higher and fight against stronger foes as she begins a new chapter in her journey as the protector of the white stone. While looking forward to meeting new characters in the series, Kapamilya Toplist prepared a recap on the previous season’s villains aka the Extras who challenged the strength of our superhero.

To recall, the evolution of ‘extras’ started when Heneral Borgo (Richard Quan), through Xandra (Kim Rodriguez)’s work, was able to convince Mayor Zaldy (Simon Ibarra) to blast the quarry site where the Martean sentient was buried. This caused fragments of chrysalis in the cyborg’s DNA to spread and turn ordinary people into Extras.  Trapped in the quarry, Fredo (Jerald Napoles), a doting father-miner, was struck by the airborne crystal shards that gave him superhuman strength used to destroy anything at will, hence the moniker “Strength Man.”

They say that while heroes are chose, villains are left without a choice. It rings true for most of the Extras including Javier (Dominic Ochoa), a loving family man. But, in his case, wicked and powerful officials played a role in his transformation. The officials conspired to silence him before he gets to expose the corruption behind the use of substandard materials for the construction of a government facility. Buried alive, Javier turned into an Extra with the ability to generate earthquakes, thus he was called Lindol Man.

The next to test Darna’s abilities was Killer Ghost (Christian Bables), a former doctor seeking retribution after his father, also a physician, was defamed after a patient's death. Killer Ghost used his background as a doctor in killing victims with a poisonous drug. He harnessed the power of invisibility and passing through walls.

Those who are naturally evil are easily manipulated by the chrysalis. For instance, Vince aka Clone Man (Neil Coleta)’s background as a mobster made him more susceptible to Xandra’s manipulation to wreak havoc across Nueva Esperanza. It’s interesting to note that Clone Man was attuned to his human side but only used his powers to replicate himself to fight and escape trouble. He even chose to keep his moral compass by surrendering to Darna, eager to correct his mistakes and leave the rogue life behind, enlightened by his best friend Gardo (Marvin Yap). However, he was killed by Valentina (Janella Salvador) in an attempt to steal the spotlight from Darna.

Boom Labrusca was also cast as an Extra and his character was called Silent Shocker. This Extra used to lurk around Nueva Esperanza to attack like a thief in the night, generating electrical charges using electrokinesis. He was an advocate for the Serpent Queen’s killing spree, therefore sabotaging Darna’s reputation through orchestrated accidents. He can also deflect attacks such as bullets using an energy shield created from electricity.

The first female Extra introduced was Human Urchin (Loren Burgos). She was a professor stabbed to death by two thugs and whose body was penetrated by the green crystal fragments, transforming her into an Extra with killer spikes that resemble the components of human bone.

While most Extras tried to resist the effects of the green crystals inside their bodies, others enjoyed their powers and formed their alliances like the Ex-Triad group. The Ex-Triad members are Inno/ Dragon Mouth (Karl Gabriel), who spews acid fluid that melts anything it lands into; Klara/The Seductress (Jef Gaitan), the red-haired Extra with the power of hypnotism; and Miguel/ Boy Chop-Chop (Henz Villaraiz) who can detach his hands from his body. Among the three, Miguel was the lesser evil but might just be lacking guidance. He was the missing grandson of Lola Trining, who Narda rescued as an EMT officer.

At some point, even the staunch cop Brian (Joshua Garcia) spread chaos as an Extra because of his evil clone. His duplicate happened when shards of the green chrysalis landed on the mirror that Brian was looking at, breathing life into his reflection. The reflection personified aka Dark Brian had the real Brian locked up in a cell and used the police officer’s body to make all kinds of mischief. When an arrest warrant was issued against him, Dark Brian abducted Regina (Janella Salvador) for ransom. Fortunately, Darna managed to transport him back to the mirror where he came from.

The newly-minted Extra is known as Levitator. He is Eli (Enchong Dee), a photographer bullied due to his father’s background. Embittered by past experiences, he took advantage of his telekinetic power to do evil.

What kind of villain would you like to see in the new season of Darna?