10 times “Darna Season 2” satisfied viewers with more intense action scenes

Mars Ravelo’s Darna is reaching new heights with its second season being packed with more action. The show is clearly giving fans what they want. Kapamilya Toplist rounded up the best fight scenes from Darna Season 2, so far.

While Darna (Jane de Leon) is determined to soar higher and end the villainy caused by the Extras and evil Marteans in Nueva Esperanza, her archnemesis Valentina (Janella Salvador) is likewise desperate to become stronger. The two engaged in their most intense face-off to date when Valentina attacked at Rodriguez’s party and killed innocent people. Valentina launched her minions – two large snakes, which Darna was able to clutch until the snake woman loses stance. It was an intelligent move from Darna to overcome Valentina using the latter’s snake tentacles. However, the villainess managed to escape.

A new character named Luna (Kira Balinger) entered the show in a superb, fantastic clash with the protector of the white stone. Luna wore a costume similar to Borgo (Richard Quan)’s suit, with her face also concealed. Equipped with special powers, extraordinary strength, and strong combat abilities, Luna was an even match to Darna. Keeping it more spectacular were Darna’s flawless flight scenes around Nueva Esperanza.

The opponents landed on an empty building under construction. This is probably one of the most threatening battles Darna had because of Luna’s wide collection of skills and powers including invisibility. But our superhero still proved to be a greater and smarter fighter. And the way Jane uttered the line “Ako ang protector ng bato” sounded so powerful and intimidating. Darna broke the water valve with sheer strength, causing a chaotic sprinkler effect, which enhanced the scene.

Next on the list is Narda fighting in a sexy club girl outfit. In the episode, she went undercover in a club to help Oleg (Zeppi Borromeo) investigate the syndicate that produces a party drug called sparkler. However, the two were caught and brought to a warehouse. Narda was forced to fight the goons in high heels and mini skirt, impressing her friend Oleg.

The cops led by Brian (Joshua Garcia) arrived to catch the syndicate who killed his father in a police operation years ago. The leading man was, of course, given the chance to showcase his action prowess in a gunfight and hand-to-hand combat, each strike equipped with a vengeance for his father’s death. This would have to be one of Joshua’s best fight scenes in the series as well. Darna Season 2 is totally badass.

Narda quickly transformed into Darna, just in time to save Oleg from the bad guys using her super speed and ability to deflect bullets.  Then, she got Brian out before the building burns down in flames. 

In the next scene, Luna trains Narda using the skills she got from her former mentor Zora/Leonor (Iza Calzado).  This scene is lauded for Jane and Kira’s combined fierceness. As if the doubled amount of girl power wasn’t enough, the episode elevated the thrill further by tossing Valentina into Narda’s neighborhood. The Serpent Queen was patrolling the area in search of Darna when she decided to attack Noah (Paolo Gumabao). Things turned more suspenseful as Narda and Luna started to hit Valentina’s snake tentacles until the latter flew off, but not without giving the girls her signature spine-chilling smirk.

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