10 endearing scenes of Regina and Narda for every DarLentina fan

Although a classic narrative, ABS-CBN’s Mars Ravelo’s Darna is full of surprises. And one of the most unexpected elements in the teleserye is Narda (Jane de Leon) and Regina (Janella Salvador)'s endearing friendship. You’ll notice the refreshing energy in their conversations and thoughtful gestures toward each other.

Fans baptized the tandem as DarLentina, taken from their superhuman alter-egos Darna and Valentina. Check out their most mesmerizing scenes together via this Kapamilya Toplist.

The video opens with Regina and Narda’s first encounter as teens wherein the latter ‘saved’ the former from jumping off the cliff. But Regina said she doesn’t intend to die, rather just thinking through the overwhelming events in her life. Narda felt the same, grieving her mother Leonor (Iza Calzado)’s death, and reluctant to commit to heroic responsibilities as Darna’s successor. Then, she told Regina about her mom’s greatest lesson, “Ang pinakamalaking kasalanan ay ‘pag may kakayahan kang tumulong pero wala kang ginawa.” They found each other at their darkest moment. They would relate to each other’s pain, oblivious to a deeper destiny that binds them.

Now as adults, Narda works as a medic officer under Regina’s Vanguardia Rescue Team. They pretty much have a smooth-sailing boss-employee relationship. They admire each other, their strength and principles. Therefore, they also care for one another. In a scene, Regina was worried to see Narda alone during their rescue operations, clueless that the latter just reverted from her superhero persona. 

Later on, Regina would confide in Narda since no one knows how awful her life is behind her intimidating front. She opened up about the pressure to win her cases not just to make her father proud but also to make a difference in poor people’s lives. We can say that Regina has a good heart that fights for the oppressed, if only she wasn’t poisoned by an extra’s green stone. And Narda sees this goodness in her new friend. 

However, Regina’s fate inevitably unfolds. She would transform into Valentina without her knowing. Narda would be traumatized after seeing Valentina attack her first victim.

It’s commendable how the teleserye uses irony to thicken the narrative. Valentina’s appearance threatened Darna, but it forged a stronger bond between Regina and Narda at the same time. We witnessed how Regina erased Narda’s fear through her adorable gestures. She told Narda to just look into her eyes when she’s scared and promised to protect her from the extras.

It paved the way for a deeper friendship. Narda was happy when she was introduced by Regina to Doc Ava, who promised to help her pursue her dream to become a doctor. Doc Ava revealed
Regina talks good things about Narda.

The admiration is mutual. We saw that in the next scenes wherein Narda cheered up Regina, who was downhearted from trying to please her father, Rex (Richard Quan). She praised Regina for her philanthropic deeds such as putting up the foundation and for being a good lawyer. She thought Rex must be a proud dad because she herself is proud of Regina. Narda also wishes to know what keeps troubling her. However, Regina replied that she isn’t yet ready to reveal her secret.

In the last scene, the two shared quite an intense conversation about Brian (Joshua Garcia) spearheading Mayor Zaldy (Simon Ibarra)’s special task force. Regina wasn’t pleased. She failed to control her anger and raised her voice at Narda, who chose to just leave the room. Regina felt bad about what happened.

It’s sure going to be heartbreaking when Narda and Regina find out they’re fated to become enemies.

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