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Annie’s unwavering love for Bingo

Annie (Ina Raymundo) wasn’t a bad mother; she was just human, shaped by circumstances and consumed by hatred. Despite her mistakes and the lost time with her son Bingo/Andre (Donny Pangilinan), her love for him remained deep, even in the face of the ugliest moments.

The truth is she loved him unconditionally, as shown in this Kapamilya Toplist of scenes from the series “Can’t Buy Me Love,” which is now in its finale week.

Motherhood isn’t an easy path, and for Annie, her journey had regrets she couldn’t shake off. Her past decisions weighed heavily on her attempt to reconnect with the son she once abandoned. But, contrary to what Bingo chose to believe, his mom didn’t have it easy as well.

Annie confessed that she witnessed Divine (Shaina Magdayao)’s killing, thus, someone was bent on silencing her. She was struck by a car and left in a coma. Upon regaining consciousness, she discovered that she had lost Bingo and needed to find him again. However, she believed it would be best for them to remain apart for the time being, fearing she might entangle him in the peril and danger she was facing.

Flashback scenes revealed that she grappled with guilt, to the point of wanting to end her life by jumping off a footbridge. But thoughts of Bingo ultimately compelled her to choose life, realizing that she needed to be alive if she wishes to reunite with him when the time is right.

Upon their reunion, Annie repeatedly apologized and implored Bingo to start anew. There was a scene where she knelt before him, seeking forgiveness and regretting the mistakes of the past that destroyed their relationship and robbed them of precious time together. She repeatedly told Bingo that despite her physical absence, her love for him never faltered, nor did her longing for the day she could hug him again. Our hearts were filled with emotion when Bingo finally embraced his mother.

Once she convinced him to move into her house, Annie spared no effort in making up for lost time. She took the chance to get to know Bingo all over again and cook for him, doing everything to serve her son.

Annie understood that honesty is part of loving someone. While incarcerated, she came clean to Bingo about her past mistakes but asserted her innocence in Divine’s murder, a case still shrouded in mystery. When Bingo voiced his belief in her, she found solace, realizing that his trust was all that mattered. People could destroy her but knowing that Bingo saw the truth in her was more than enough to give her peace.

Loving Bingo also means loving the people he holds dear, especially his foster family Mamang (Nova Villa) and Papi (Ketchup Eusebio). She asked them to guide her son on the new path he was about to take, a life from far what he used to have since she was then passing on the fruit of her hard work to him. Annie’s words pinched our hearts when she said that no matter the fate that awaits her, she’s at peace knowing that Bingo has Mamang and Papi by his side.

This mother and son have endured significant hardships apart, with destiny showing little kindness. Just as Bingo finally accepted his mother back into his life, he discovered her involvement in Caroline (Belle Mariano) and Irene (Maris Racal)'s kidnapping, which was part of her vengeful agenda. Annie pleaded for forgiveness, saying that she only wanted Bingo to be happy. This tearjerker scene revealed a mother’s fractured heart as she witnessed her son’s pain mirroring her own.

How cruel fate can be! Just as Annie was freed from prison, death intervened. Her final words were, “I just want Andre to be happy, sila ni Caroline, ‘yun lang magiging masaya na ako,” proving that a mother’s heart beats for her child’s happiness.

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