• Monday - Friday after FPJ’s Batang Quiapo
  • Monday - Friday after FPJ’s Batang Quiapo
Caroline, Bingo, Stephen Love Triangle

A love triangle is taking shape in our favorite DonBelle series, “Can’t Buy Me Love.”

There’s an allure to Caroline (Belle Mariano) that effortlessly captivates hearts, so much so that she has won the affection of two men without even trying. We think her magnetic charm stems from her being beautiful, smart, and feisty. Let’s see things through the eyes of Bingo (Donny Pangilinan) and Stephen (Darren Espanto) as we look into this Friday 5 video featuring the trio’s cute and complicated interactions.

This love triangle unfolded when Caroline enlisted the help of both Bingo and Stephen in investigating her previous abduction. She only had pure intentions when she invited both men to a cafe for a discussion, but the guys showed palpable animosity upon first meeting. Stephen even let Caroline know that he was suspicious of Bingo’s motive for saving her from the kidnappers and taking her in for a few days.

The tension was hard to ignore when both guys joined Caroline in the search for her sister, Irene (Maris Racal), who had been abducted by the same kidnappers. Of course, they took the chance to prove who the better strategist was. They also shared a subtle argument when Bingo affirmed that there was nothing wrong with Irene’s dream to put up her bar, while Stephen asserted that Wilson (Rowell Santiago) couldn’t be wrong as well for grooming his children to be part of their big company.

Apart from the festive fireworks, sparks of jealousy also ignited during the New Year’s Eve party when Stephen noticed Caroline’s joy upon Bingo’s arrival. She introduced Bingo to the guests to help him build connections for his project, leading to an awkward moment when the guests praised Stephen as the best ‘connection.’ Stephen entered the scene, asking if he could have Caroline back after her business discussion with Bingo, only for Caroline to insist that Bingo stay with them for the rest of the evening. 

We would have been equally confused if we were in Caroline’s shoes. She found herself in a huge dilemma when both men showed up at the same time to take her out on a date. She did not want to reject Stephen, who made a reservation at her favorite restaurant, but she also didn’t want to dismiss Bingo. The guys annoyed each other as Stephen subtly mocked Bingo for bringing his ‘kuliglig,’ provoking the latter to call him “umepal lang.”

So, who must be the third wheel?

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