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  • Monday - Friday after FPJ’s Batang Quiapo
Irene falling for Snoop Can’t Buy Me Love

Irene Tiu (Maris Racal) has also known what she wants and has always been sure. But, for the first time, she’s puzzled about what she truly feels for Snoop (Anthony Jennings). Is she finally entering her ‘in love’ era? This Kapamilya Toplist video from “Can’t Buy Me Love” will tell us the answer!

The first sign of a lovestruck person is when he/she keeps seeing the face of his/her object of affection everywhere, like what happened when Irene got so affected by Snoop’s selfie photo that she started to see him all around the place and even in the clueless restaurant server whom she  slapped hysterically when he started to look like Snoop.

Her favorite sport is jealousy. Irene acted salty in that scene where she eavesdropped on Snoop’s phone conversation and sensed that he was talking sweet nothings to a girl. The good thing was Snoop sensed her mood, so he explained that he was just talking to his mom.

If there’s a will, a person who is in love will sure make a way. When Irene finished her training at Aunt Cathy (Celeste Legaspi)’s restaurant in Binondo and told she’d be assigned in a warehouse in Laguna, she struck a deal with Snoop, asking him to still be her secret alcohol shopper all the way to her new workplace. And we could only think of one reason for her still choosing Snoop: she knew she’d be missing him.

In fact, when she arrived at the warehouse, she had mistaken another guy for Snoop. It didn’t take long until the universe sensed her secret wish to see Snoop at all times, so, much to her surprise, the guy was hired by Aunt Cathy as a worker in the warehouse. Irene flashed her signature ‘taray’ look upon learning the news about Snoop’s employment, but subtly smiled the moment she turned her back on Snoop and Aldrich (Jake Ejercito). Somebody’s having butterflies in her stomach!

That smile! We saw that again when Irene got invited by Snoop to have lunch with him. However, she rejected his invitation in order to further complicate her feelings.

There was also a scene where Snoop asked if Irene is having a romantic relationship with Aldrich, which she denied. What followed was an awkward pause between them, as Irene obviously wanted to extend the conversation but scared to admit it to herself.

She was also scared to admit that she was jealous of Dara (Vivoree Esclito)’s closeness with Snoop. She was so bitter that she assumed Snoop and Dara leaving work at the same time meant they were out on a date.

Love is a funny thing. One day, you’ll be annoyed with a person’s presence. The next, you can’t stop thinking about them. A scene in this video montage shows Irene replaying her moments with Snoop in her mind as if she was totally lost in her daydream. Stop. Irene came back to her senses when she caught herself smiling while thinking of Snoop. Crazy. He was the first person she thought of when she needed somebody to vent out to. 

Irene was getting too confused that she needed to call her sister, Bettina (Kaila Estrada), to keep her sane. She said that a co-worker needed advice about a crush. However, Bettina, astute as ever, couldn't help but notice Irene's confusion and wondered why she was the one acting perplexed if she wasn't the one in need of help.

No matter how much she denies it, her heart is speaking louder than her head. Irene needed answers, or she might completely lose her mind. She checked out a mobile app that reveals the signs of falling in love, and, guess what? She got 5 out 5 signs. Confirmed.

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