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  • Monday - Friday after FPJ’s Batang Quiapo
Snoop & Irene Can’t Buy Me Love Toplist

Not all actors can do the rom-com genre justice as it takes organic talent. But Anthony Jennings and Maris Racal prove they can elicit laughter and kilig at the same time, as they play Snoop and Irene in the Kapamilya series “Can’t Buy Me Love.” Their characters might not have it easy, due to traumas and conflict, but these two can make things look breezy by sneaking in just the right amount of hilarity in their scenes.

This includes instances of “bardagulan”, awkward interactions fused with romantic chemistry, and over-the-top consequences of their most mundane encounters.

They may be different in so many ways, yet, spectators think they’d make a good pair. Re-watch their most amusing scenes in this Kapamilya Toplist video.

The SnoopRene ship started sailing with Snoop’s heroic save, catching Irene from a perilous fall off an uncompleted building where Balong (Ronnie Lazaro) and Felix (Alex Medina) held her hostage. Despite the awkward and quite comical aftermath, viewers couldn’t help but appreciate Snoop’s quick reflexes in keeping Irene out of harm’s way, and the chemistry that streamed from this scene.

Snoop and Bingo (Donny Pangilinan) were invited to a dinner at the Tiu mansion as the family’s act of gratitude and to formally pay for the amount Caroline (Belle Mariano) owes to Bingo. Snoop’s quest to find Irene led to a series of comedic events. Spotting her on her room’s balcony, from downstairs he shouted, “Kumusta ka na? Goods ka na?” to get her attention. However, she thought of him as a weird stranger and quickly went inside her room.

As fate would have it, their paths would cross again, resulting in Irene accidentally stepping on something unpleasant – poop. What followed was a cascade of hilarity as Snoop attempts to calm her down.

And the tricks of fate didn’t end there as he saw her pass out in the middle of the street. Witnesses thought it was a pedestrian mishap, but Snoop insisted that he didn’t run over her with his sidecar. He carried Irene, who then unconsciously vomited on his shirt. He brought her home for safety, but only to be accused of being a pervert, as Irene woke up to him trying to fix her blazer.

Their encounters never lack excitement – and comedy. When they bumped into each other again, and Irene finally realized that Snoop had been invited to their house before for saving her from her kidnappers, she transformed from grumpy to sweet, and then burst into laughter upon learning that Snoop was on his way to a date wearing a tacky orange polo and bowtie.

She inquired about his date, to which he peevishly replied, “Mama mo.” A meme was born, with Irene struggling to keep up with Snoop’s so-called “kanal humor.” She was insisting on fixing his bowtie when Snoop’s date, Dara (Vivoree Esclito) entered the scene, leading to a sparkling catfight.

In another encounter, Irene stepped on poop again, blaming Snoop. In defense, he quipped, "Baka ikaw ang hinahabol ng mga tae," and suggested, "Ikiskis mo lang sa gilid," leaving Irene puzzled by the slang words he kept on using.

The two struck a deal when Irene asked Snoop to work for her as a secret alcohol shopper. She would pay him three thousand pesos weekly for buying her liquor. Taking advantage of her desperation, Snoop raised his fee to five thousand pesos.

Plenty of comedy was served as Snoop quietly visited Irene at her workplace to ask for her number, which he needs to send her updates about the “epektus.” Seeing that Irene struggled to grasp the term, he reacted, “Ba’t ang slow ng utak mo?”  LOL. She sent her out, but the hilarity didn’t stop there, as he wanted to ask for free warm water before leaving.

Following the “mama mo” joke trend, the tandem created a new meme when Snoop called Irene, disguised as an old man over the phone. “Lolo mo,” he replied when she inquired who she was talking to. “Joke lang, gagi, si Snoop ‘to,” he revealed the prank before requesting the money for purchasing the liquor.

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