• Monday - Friday after FPJ’s Batang Quiapo
  • Monday - Friday after FPJ’s Batang Quiapo
Lola Nene & Caroline Can’t Buy Me Love

Family is we choose, and without a doubt, who chooses us back. 

More than the K-Drama feels and ‘kilig,’ Kapamilya series “Can’t Buy Me Love” is adored for the way it portrays Filipinos’ heartwarming concept of a family from the perspective of Bingo (Donny Pangilinan) and his loved ones living in the tenement in Binondo. He has Lola Nene (Nova Villa), the endearing grandma who, from the start, has already showed genuine care and love for Bingo’s friends, including Caroline/Ling (Belle Mariano). 

This Holy Week 2024, let your hearts be touched by the tender moments of Lola Nene lavishing Caroline with the love and care she yearns for and truly deserves.

When Caroline found herself in need of a place to stay, Lola Nene graciously welcomed her and showered her with VIP treatment. She even cooked her specialty dish for their visitor. Our hearts went “aww” over that scene where she lovingly applied powder to Caroline's hair, offering her the nurturing care reminiscent of tending to a little child. 

When Caroline accidentally ruined her clothes with bleach, Lola Nene kindly provided her with new ones from her modest store, comforting her with the words, "Huwag ka nang ma-sad." Cute! 

She also stood up for Ling when Bougie (Karina Bautista) and Dara (Vivoree Esclito) unfairly blamed her for a recent commotion in the compound, which was connected to Ling's previous kidnapping ordeal.
From the very start, Lola Nene made it clear to Caroline that their door is always open to her, offering help and a safe place in times of distress or trouble. She warmly embraces Ling every time she visits, radiating joy whenever her presence graces their home unexpectedly.

Lola Nene dearly misses her "apo na Englishera," so her heart leaps with joy like that of a child's whenever Caroline appears at their doorstep. Our hearts melted witnessing the old woman’s overwhelming happiness when Caroline visited her after returning home from the hospital due to hematoma. Embracing Caroline, she whispered, “Gagaling ako kasi dinalaw mo na ako LingLing ko.” Even Bingo was touched to see the closeness of the two important women in his life. 

And when Caroline needed to breathe amidst her troubles and pain at the Tiu mansion, she found refuge in Lola Nene’s embrace. Lola Nene assured her, “Dito ka sa akin.” Of course, she always offers Caroline the most heartfelt motherly advice, once reminding her that while love may bring pain, it's better to focus on the love itself.

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