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Annie Can’t Buy Me Love Toplist

Motherhood isn’t an easy path, and for Annie (Ina Raymundo), her journey has regrets she can’t shake off. Her past decisions now weigh heavily on her attempt to reconnect with the son she once abandoned.

For Bingo (Donny Pangilinan), who spent years marinating in hate towards the mother who left him behind, forgiveness doesn’t come easily. The wounds run deep, and Annie must confront the ghosts of her past if she hopes to mend their fractured relationship.

In this Kapamilya Toplist from "Can't Buy Me Love," we rounded up the scenes that reveal Annie's heart as a mother and her effort to win back her child's trust and affection.

Remember when Bingo encountered his mom for the first time since she abandoned him as a child? He was too stunned to speak when the woman who emerged from the car that hit him turned out to be his mother. We felt the longing, questions, and anger just looking through his eyes.

Meanwhile, Annie stayed calm and handed him money to cover his medical expenses in case he was seriously injured by the unexpected incident.

Contrary to what we, viewers, and Bingo initially thought – Annie’s lack of concern and inability to recognize her son – her true emotions surfaced as she broke down in tears while holding Bingo’s high school graduation photo upon arriving home. It turned out that she didn’t stop looking and yearning for him over the years.

Flashback scenes revealed that she didn’t have it easy as well. She grappled with guilt, to the point of wanting to end her life by jumping off a footbridge. But thoughts of Bingo ultimately compelled her to choose life, realizing that she needed to be alive if she wishes to reunite with him when the time is right.

In a particularly gut-wrenching scene, Bingo confronted his mother with veiled accusations while Caroline (Belle Mariano) pressed Annie about her knowledge of her mom’s death. Annie fought to hide her emotions as Bingo unleashed a barrage of hurtful accusations, suggesting that she abandoned him out of greed. She held it together until Bingo turned away, finally allowing her to release the flood of pain that had been building up inside her.

Another poignant moment shows Annie watching Bingo from a distance inside her car. Her devoted house help, seated beside her, remarked that Bingo is a handsome young guy and seems hardworking. With a mix of pain, sadness, and pride in her eyes, Annie acknowledged that the family who adopted Bingo had done an excellent job raising him.

She thought their relationship was on the path to healing when Bingo unexpectedly showed up at her house. However, her hopes crashed when he confronted her instead to demand the truth about Caroline's mom's death, a situation he firmly believed Annie was involved in. Bingo made it clear that this was the only thing he would ever ask of her, but he needed the truth, leaving Annie unable to provide the answers he sought.

Her heart shattered as she accepted the fact that there were some things she couldn't give Bingo, especially the lost time. Despite him pushing her away when she attempted to explain herself during a visit to his house, Annie was determined not to give up. She vows to do whatever it takes to earn her son's love and make amends for her mistakes and the time they had lost.

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