5 scenes of Ivana Alawi’s enthralling, trending entrance in FPJ’s Batang Quiapo

Keeping its promise to entertain viewers with surprising elements, FPJ’s Batang Quiapo opened a new chapter featuring some of the hottest and most brilliant stars in the industry. 

Viewers were truly amazed by Ivana Alawi’s inclusion in the newest batch of cast ensemble, making her scenes trend online. Here are her most watched scenes in the teleserye, as collated by Friday 5.

The series’ creatives made Bubbles’ debut appearance intriguing by playing with the cinematography and camera angles. The woman was then asked to look after Tanggol (Coco Martin), who was tortured upon the request of an influential person, who happens to be Olga (Irma Adlawan). From the dark entrance of the room, Bubbles walked toward Tanggol until viewers could see a glimpse of her face. 

She was tasked by jail chief officer Dolores (Jacklyn Jose) to treat Tanggol’s wounds and make sure he remains alive. It turned out that Bubbles is the granddaughter of an inmate named Celso (Soliman Cruz). 

Ivana gives so much sparkle to her role through her authentic ‘kalog’ mannerisms. After she picked up the wounded Tanggol, she went straight to the female cell and shared a late-night conversation with her friends Becky (Donna Cariaga) and Ibyang (Lotlot Bustamante), who were eager to know what the newcomer looks like. With much conviction, Bubbles revealed to her friends that Tanggol is so handsome that he’s “pak na pak” despite the bruises on his face. Bubbles then asked the ladies to sleep instead of wasting their time fantasizing about Tanggol. 

Bubbles is considered the ‘queen’ inside the prison. In one scene, she turned heads while going to the male prison cell bringing special breakfast for Tanggol. But her ‘angas’ was gone in an instant the moment Tanggol looked her in the eye. She noticeably turned fragile while asking Tanggol how he’s been recovering. 

On the way out, she was met by another group of inmates, who said that her act of kindness toward Tnggol would trigger Bong (Vandolph Quizon)’s jealousy. Bubbles turned from soft to terrible, as she snarled at the annoying inmates. She pressed that Bong is not her boyfriend and that none of the men inside the maximum-security compound is her type. The succeeding scene shows Bubbles being scolded by Bong for allegedly flirting with the newcomers. Instead of shrinking to his threats,  Bubbles ordered Bong's group to spare Tanggol and his friends, flaunting her ‘taray’ mode. 

The video montage closes with Bubbles chatting with Tanggol’s squad about their case and the real, dangerous life inside the prison. Breaking the serious tone of the conversation, Enteng (Jojit Lorenzo) asked if she would allow ‘utang’ or credit in her small food stall inside the jail. 

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