Tindeng’s love for Tanggol Batang Quiapo

In FPJ’s Batang Quiapo, what Tanggol (Coco Martin) lacks in parental affection, his ‘loley’ Tindeng (Lara Quigaman/Charo Santos) makes up for. Their bond is special, a love that accepts and never gets tired. In this edition of Kapamilya Toplist, we rounded up scenes proving that Tindeng’s love for her grandson is beyond words and measure.

She named him Tanggol, believing that he will grow up into a man who will fight for the oppressed. But somehow she has also been his number one defender since he was a baby, especially from his father Rigor (Ejay Falcon/John Estrada)’s physical abuses. There was a scene where Rigor lashed out at the newborn for interrupting his rest time due to its loud cries. Fortunately, Tindeng arrived on time and warned to report Rigor to the authorities.

When Tanggol was a little boy, he was beaten up by Rigor for stealing a neighbor’s hair comb, which he wanted to give his mother Marites (Miles Ocampo/Cherry Pie Picache) as a gift. Not that she was enabling his wrongdoing, but Tindeng knew the young boy needed affection and guidance instead of violence.

The family’s dynamic almost never changed decades later. Tanggol remained the unwanted son; Tindeng, his only protector. Making it to this list is the scene where Tindeng talked to Noy (Karl Medina/Lou Veloso) about her big dreams for Tanggol. She wants to see him succeed in life beyond the corners of Quiapo. But, for now, her biggest concern is to discipline him and convince him to stay out of trouble.

In one scene, a woman stormed to Tindeng’s market stall to inform her that Tanggol was taking part in a street rumble. While Marites shrugged it off and even wished her son gets his lesson, Tindeng worried a lot about Tanggol and pleaded with Noy to come with her to the area of commotion. Later that night, she shielded Tanggol from Rigor’s punishment. She’s always that forgiving and understanding lola.

One way grandmas show their love for their grandchildren is by praying for them. Tindeng never fails to implore the protection of Jesus Nazarene over Tanggol. And because she wants to protect the peace in the family, she decided not to reveal Tanggol’s identity, not yet. She told Noy that there is a time for that.

However, the truth would haunt them. Tindeng started to live in fear when they heard the news that Tanggol’s real father Ramon (Christopher de Leon) escaped from jail. She fears that he might take Tanggol, as he warned before.

That’s why Tindeng worried a lot when Tanggol failed to come home one night. The next morning, she found out he was stabbed after trying to help a victim in a robbery incident. She considered bringing him to the hospital but he insisted that he’ll be fine. When Rigor discovered Tanggol’s wound, he stepped on it and beat him up. In that moment of hurt, his bones and heart almost crushed to pieces, Tanggol crawled to his grandma’s embrace – where he feels safe and loved.

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