Marites ‘gigil’ scenes Batang Quiapo

In FPJ’s Batang Quiapo, Marites (Cherry Pie Picache) is portrayed as a mother who will do everything for her child. While her commitment to family values may seem commendable at first glance, it quickly becomes apparent to viewers that she’s more annoying than endearing due to her submissive demeanor towards her husband Rigor (John Estrada) and unfair treatment of her son Tanggol (Coco Martin).

She’s so frustrating to watch whenever she blindly favors Rigor at the expense of Tanggol’s welfare, apart from when she gaslights herself to justify her husband’s rude behavior.

Check out her ‘nakakagigil’ scenes via this Kapamilya Toplist video.

She’s impervious to Tindeng (Charo Santos) and Noy's (Lou Veloso) attempts to enlighten her about her and Rigor’s parenting dynamics. In a scene where they underscored Tanggol's lack of the same love bestowed upon his brothers David (McCoy de Leon) and Santino (Ronwaldo Martin), Marites, instead of acknowledging her flaws, opted to play the victim card with a sarcastic retort, "Eh ‘di ako na masama."

Despite the unmistakable signs of Rigor's infidelity, Marites remains oblivious. She dismissed Tindeng and Noy's reports about Rigor dating his colleague Lena (Mercedes Cabral), even accusing them of making fake news about her husband. She defended Rigor with unwavering “respect” even in the face of solid evidence.

She was even the one who wooed Rigor by bringing her homemade maja blanca to the police station to dispel Tindeng and Noy’s suspicions. In their conversation that afternoon, Marites asserted that her conversations with Lena didn’t raise any suspicion, and that she believes Lena’s claims about having a boyfriend. “Huwag na natin gawan ng issue,” she pleaded with Noy and Tindeng.

Always scared to trigger Rigor’s anger, she consistently urges Tindeng to comply with Rigor's directives, even if it means refraining from visiting Tanggol in jail. This frequently sparks disagreements between them, with Marites insisting that she hasn't neglected her son. However, from Tindeng's perspective, it appears that Marites will likely choose Rigor over Tanggol at any time.

In every situation, particularly when it involves Tanggol, Marites' immediate response is to ensure Rigor is fully informed. She exhibits a heavy dependence on him, unquestioningly accepting his words and actions, however rude they are. There was a scene where she said that she only wanted to repay Rigor with love and respect for accepting her despite the past trauma of her sexual assault that led to Tanggol’s birth.

It came from her own lips at one point. Marites admitted that she finds it hard to love Tanggol due to his stubbornness. Yet, as Tindeng sees the situation, Marites struggles to love Tanggol simply because she's easily influenced by Rigor’s negative perception of him.

When will Marites open her eyes to Rigor’s true colors and see the realities that surround her?

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