15 scenes that showcased Miles Ocampo’s dramatic brilliance in “FPJ’s Batang Quiapo”

The pilot week of FPJ’s Batang Quiapo was lauded for its realistic yet visually appealing portrayal of life in one of the busiest places in Manila. Before you know it, you’re hooked and trapped in the world of Quiapo, thanks in part to the actors’ effective performances.

In this Kapamilya Toplist, we’re putting the spotlight on Miles Ocampo, who is finally reaping the acclaim she deserves as a drama star. Check out these scenes that attest to her exceptional acting talent.

In her first scenes with Lara Quigaman who plays her mother Tindeng, Miles never faltered as she paints the bitterness that envelopes their relationship. When Tindeng approached her at their stall where they sell ‘palamig’ or drinks, her reaction, although subtle, spoke volumes of disdain.

The pilot episode served with several intense moments such as when Marites was violated by Ramon (Coco Martin), who was escaping the cops after a robbery incident. Miles rose to the challenge of a compelling role, evinced by the palpable display of emotions ranging from fear to despair and disgrace at that moment. She cried for help. But, her husband Rigor (Ejay Falcon) arrived too late, and the assault would only wreck their relationship. 

Miles shone even in her quiet moments. Without lines to utter, she delivered all the ‘feels’ of a victim blamed for her tragic fate, shown in that scene where Rigor suspected she is pregnant. To rekindle her crumbling relationship with Rigor, Marites planned to abort her child. Marites fought back the guilt by praying to Jesus Nazarene, asking forgiveness for the sin she was about to commit as it was her only solution to bring her life back to normal.

Tindeng caught Marites holding the bottle of “pamparegla,” leading to a dramatic confrontation. The two actresses went to great lengths to tap into viewers’ emotions, with Lara’s character trying to enlighten her daughter.

Then, there’s the much-applauded birthing scene. At the wet market where she sells fish, Marites delivered her baby by herself, interspersed with flashbacks of the sexual assault. The cinematography added gripping realism to the scene as well. Marites almost abandoned her newborn, who is a reminder of her tragic past. But when the baby cried and she found him carried by Olga (Ryza Cenon), she desperately shouted “Anak ko ‘yan!” Miles truly owned this moment.

Threatened to lose her son, Marites forgot the pain of childbirth and immediately got up to take her newborn back. Her eyes looked apologetic. She tearfully soothed her newborn and kissed him on the forehead. Even without maternal knowledge in real life, Miles perfectly depicted a mother’s love and instinct in these heart-wrenching scenes.

In the next clip, Marites’ baby was baptized. Tindeng named him Jesus Nazareno but they would call him Tanggol because Tindeng believes the child would grow up into a protective man. Marites might be silent throughout but her deep sighs and that gentle smile as she looked at Tanggol were enough to convey how she feels.

Again, Miles radiates in her scenes as a mother such as when she struggled to hush the crying baby, then, Rigor lashed out at her. She wanted to calm her child just because she feared her husband. Thankfully, Tindeng and Noy (Karl Medina) would arrive just in time to save the innocent newborn from his father’s unreasonable anger.

Miles delivered marvelous work even in simple moments like when the young Tanggol gave her a hair comb, which he said he worked hard for, as they gathered at the table for dinner. It’s impossible not to notice her authentic mannerisms and reactions such as when she dismissed the young boy’s affection. Then, Rigor arrived home, furious and eager to punish Tanggol after their neighbor reported that the young boy stole her hair comb. Tindeng arrived to defend her grandson, while Marites lashed out at Tanggol. Fast forward to the present, nothing much has changed in the way Marites loves her firstborn.

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