10 times Tanggol and Mokang made us smile with their ‘kilig asaran’ in “FPJ’s Batang Quiapo”

Coco Martin is making people happy again with his series “FPJ’s Batang Quiapo” where he dabbles in a mix of genres from action to drama, romance, and comedy. While we love him in his heart-thumping scenes, we also appreciate the dose of rom-com he brings, alongside Lovi Poe as his newest leading lady. The tandem delivers effortless chemistry and they make us smile even with just their ‘bardagulan’ moments.

Check out their funniest and ‘kilig’ scenes via this Kapamilya Toplist!

In the first clip, Tanggol (Coco) spends his downtime playing pool with friends when Mokang (Lovi) entered the scene to nag him about the recent street riot he allegedly initiated. Instead of explaining himself, the smooth-talker Tanggol smiled and asked, “Ba’t ang ganda mo ngayon?” He volunteered to accompany her to school, drawing teases from the group of ‘tambay’ in their street. Tanggol’s supportive friends added good vibes to this scene as they made it look so natural as if it was an actual ‘asaran’ among friends.

While walking to the jeepney terminal, they came across a female neighbor who warned Mokang not to fall in love with Tanggol, assuming that the latter is making his moves. “Papatayin ka lang niyan sa gutom,” remarked the ‘marites,’ to which Tanggol replied, “Eh, ito nga patay na patay sa akin, ayoko nga saugutin!” And the way Coco delivered his ‘banat’ was so charming and rib-tickling.

Of course, the jeepney scene is included in this list. Tanggol asked Mokang to sit on his lap since there was no space inside the jeepney, drawing teases from the other passengers. Tanggol smoothly turned it into a sweet moment by pretending that he was just pulling her close so she won’t fall off. While leaning on Mokang’s shoulder, he recalled a cute encounter during their childhood where he saved Mokang from the bullies. It turned out she is his childhood crush. Cheesy lines like “alalayan nga kita baka malaglag ka” and “handle with care” kept this scene so cute to watch, we were smiling from start to finish!

Tanggol willingly acts as Mokang’s bodyguard. He even gave her pervert professor his lesson by punching him in the gut. She was then forced to skip classes, so they went on a ‘date’ around Quiapo instead.

The two give us happy and ‘kilig’ vibes with their incessant bickering – Tanggol drops the ‘banat’ dressed as a joke, then Mokang acts like she’s totally disgusted. They would even call each other names. But, after the ‘bardagulan,’ he would protect her from harm and she would appreciate his kindness. On their scene going home, Tanggol noticed that a group of snatchers rode the same jeepney, so he asked Mokang to hold her bag tighter. Mokang didn’t look scared knowing she was with Tanggol, who will do everything to save her from danger.

As he walked her home, she thanked him for his effort to make her happy and safe that day. Tanggol was ‘kilig’ he asked, “Nanliligaw ka na ba sa akin?” They bantered like little kids, with Tanggol saying that he isn’t “easy to get.”

In the final clip, Mokang dropped by the ‘bilyaran’ to scold Tanggol for getting himself again into trouble. He replied, “Babait na ako kapag kiniss mo ako.” LOL! Instead of a kiss, she gave him a strong punch, keeping the scene hilariously ‘kilig.’

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