Batang Quiapo Nov 20 to Nov 24

Our primetime viewing in the previous week was indeed filled with action, drama, and kilig as FPJ’s Batang Quiapo delivered exhilarating and heartwarming episodes that stirred and brought us to the edge of our seats.

The previous week (November 20 to November 24) of FPJ’s Batang Quiapo commenced with action, as the nail-biting gunfight between the authorities and drug syndicates led by Edwin (Ping Medina) and Ramon (Christopher de Leon) continued. While the Montenegros and their remaining minions managed to run away, Edwin and the Batang Tondos had a completely different fate as they got nabbed when they attempted to escape.

Since they were obviously outnumbered and had no match to the firearms brandished by their foes, they just agreed to surrender. They were appalled to find out that their client Justin, who is actually P/Lt. Luis Jacobe (Victor Silayan), as the frontrunner of the successful buy-bust operation.

On the other hand, just when they were almost caught by the other police battalion spearheaded by his adoptive father Rigor (John Estrada), Tanggol (Coco Martin) and his partner-in-crime Bubbles (Ivana Alawi) were able to flee the scene by riding a motorcycle. Upon seeing that the two were in great danger after murdering the Red Phoenix Group, Chief Espinas (Jaclyn Jose) and her subordinates came to the rescue to spark a gunfight with the police.

The exhilarating motorcycle chase between the Tanggol-Bubbles tandem and the authorities continued along the busy highways and streets of Manila, and even in the hallways of a tenement and alleyways of a wet market. The unbelievable pair was able to escape after they managed to cross a railway before a speeding train passed through, which stopped the police from going after them.

General Augustus Pacheco (Julio Diaz), meanwhile, ordered some of his officers and henchmen to be on the lookout for Supremo (Lito Lapid) and his group after they succeeded in taking away Amanda (Lorna Tolentino) with them while she was confined in the hospital. As Augustus’ underlings were able to tail them, the group of Supremo blended in with the throngs of devotees flocked to Quiapo Church for the celebration of the Feast Day of the Black Nazarene.

Once they were already certain that they lost the cops and nobody following them anymore, Bubbles proposed to Tanggol that they needed to hide somewhere outside Manila as authorities would surely hunt them down. He was initially hesitant with the idea, afraid that Chief Espinas might think that he escaped and harmed his friends, but she assured him that she had his back.

They drove to a secluded resort in the suburbs, wherein they were welcomed by its gracious owners and caretakers, who were actually worried that they had to close down the property as they were going bankrupt. Bubbles introduced themselves as a couple from Pampanga who love to travel together.

Tanggol castigated her about it, but Bubbles told him that she needed to do it for them not to be doubtful towards them. Thus, he just went along with the game by being sweet to her in front of their hosts during their sumptuous supper.

In the detention facility, Edwin was urged by his friends to just tell the cops who’s the boss of their supplier, hoping that they might let them out if he does. He refused, however, since he was certain that Ramon would get back at them and have them killed.

David has indeed succeeded in finally winning the favor of Ramon and in convincing him that he is really his estranged son after he saved him from being shot during the shootout at their drug den. Ramon apologized to him for initially doubting him and told him that he didn’t have to do it again. Little he did know that he was just pretending and it was just a part of his grand wicked scheme with Olga.

As David has become more arrogant and demanding now that he’s able to persuade Ramon, Olga reminded him of his place and that he must be the one to abide by her orders and not the other way around. She also addressed his worry about being caught by Mokang (Lovi Poe) and her family as he has to stay at the mansion while recuperating, as well as told him to not think about his real father Rigor anymore.

While buying fruits in one of the streets of Quiapo, Tindeng (Charo Santos) and Noy (Lou Veloso) spotted Rigor eating merienda with Lena (Mercedes Cabral) at an eatery. Tindeng was eager to confront her son-in-law, but she was stopped by Noy, telling her that it’s supposed to be Marites (Mercedes Cabral) who should deal with it.

Even though she’s already married, Mokang seems to not have moved on yet from Tanggol as she still called out his name when she was held up by three hooligans. Fortunately, she mustered the courage and strength to fight back at them and flee from them until she got help from their former ka-barangays and the tanods who immediately came to her rescue. In her conversation her bestfriend Chicky (Toni Fowler), she wasn’t able to contain her emotions as she expressed how much she yearns for the safety and protection that Tanggol used to make her feel.


Rave comments from netizens

The previous week of FPJ’s Batang Quiapo was filled with action, drama, and kilig that indeed brought us to the edge of our seats, warmed our hearts, and got us feel electrified.

We were immediately welcomed with an action-packed episode, wherein we witnessed the nail-biting motorcycle chase between the Tanggol-Bubbles tandem and the authorities. Netizens were completely delighted to see the pair in another nail-biting encounter and were astounded by how they’re able to shoot and pull off that long motorcycle chase despite how complicated and difficult it could since that part of Manila City is one of the busiest. With how enthralling and seamlessly executed the gunfights were, some netizens commented how watching last week’s first episode felt like watching an action movie.

After the thrill brought by their fight scenes, we eventually found ourselves kilig as Tanggol and Bubbles began pretending as a couple. The chemistry between them was truly palpable, making us wish that their ship would just keep on sailing. Thus, many avid viewers have been looking forward to see their intimate scene that has been featured in several episode teasers for a number of times already.

At the same time, those who are still hoping for a second chance for Mokang and Tanggol feel sorry for her as she expressed resentment for what she had done to him during her conversation with Chicky. But others think that she doesn’t deserve him anymore after she deserted him and let him rot in jail along with his friends.

Aside from the scenes that truly stirred us, we were also delighted to see five new faces in last week’s episodes, who would play significant roles in the journey of Bubbles and Tanggol. The elder audiences were arguably surprised to see actors Dinky Doo and Ynez Veneracion on TV again as they portray the couple who owns the secluded resort where the two are seeking refuge, along with veteran bit actors Nognog, Pango, and Bantay, who serve as the caretakers of the resort.

Here are some of the rave comments from netizens that we had spotted on X (formerly Twitter) regarding last week’s episodes:



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