FPJ’s Batang Quiapo Sept 11 to Sept 15

The second book of FPJ’s Batang Quiapo has finally commenced! And just on its pilot week (September 11 to September 15), not to mention the opening episode of the “Bagong Yugto,” it immediately got the viewers hooked as it amazingly reached its all-time high peak concurrent viewers on Kapamilya Online Live both on Facebook and YouTube.

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As the series kicked off its second instalment, so are the lives of its characters. It opened with the nuptials of Mokang (Lovi Poe) and Ramon (a.k.a. Alberto, Christopher de Leon), while Tanggol (Coco Martin) was being tortured inside the prison. Just when Olga (Irma Adlawan) thought that she would be successful in her attempt of ending the lives of the newlyweds, her plan got foiled after Ramon/Alberto discovered the bomb planted by one of her henchmen.

It exploded right after they were declared husband and wife and Alberto commanded the attendees to get out of the venue. Olga suddenly appeared once the area was cleared, pretending that she was equally horrified and anxious by what just transpired. Of course, that got her so livid towards her two most trusted right-hand, ordering them to find the man who they asked to plant the bomb before Ramon could find him and murder them once he found out the truth.

On the other hand, friends of Tanggol and Ben (Mark Lapid) carried out their escape plan, sans our mighty hero. They were initially hesitant to leave him behind, but Ben reminded them that they will all be dead if they could stay there longer. He was able to persuade them and proceeded on sneaking out of the cell, but failed to get out of the maximum-security prison’s premises after the guards almost caught them. Thus, instead of getting murdered on the spot, they decided to just go back.

They were able to return right on time as the guards immediately made rounds and all the detainees were gathered for a roll call. Although everyone was present, Jail Chief Brigadier General Dolores Espinas (Jaclyn Jose) was still not convinced that nobody dared to escape, so she ordered Jail Warden Colonel Gerardo Balatucan (Robert Seña) to investigate about the incident.

After punishing the night before, Chief Espinas then asked Bubbles (Ivana Alawi) the next morning to prepare a sumptuous breakfast for Tanggol, which astonished the other inmates. It was revealed that Bubbles is the granddaughter of Celso (Soliman Cruz), who warned Tanggol and his friends about making advances on her.

Meanwhile, Rigor (John Estrada) implemented rules in their household that he expects them to obey. He told David to update them whenever he will go home late, while asked Santino (Ronwaldo Martin) to find something productive to do instead of loitering at their bilyaran all day. And lastly, he instructed everyone to not visit Tanggol in prison, which, of course, Marites (Cherry Pie Picache) objected. But he’s really firm about that as he wants Tanggol to really feel the weight of his trespasses and punishment in order for him to totally learn his lesson. This also didn’t sit well with Noy (Lou Veloso) and Tindeng (Charo Santos), but they resolved on visiting him without letting Rigor find out about it.

Upon being told by the other members of the Batang Divisoria gang that Tanggol is allegedly making advances on Bubbles, this triggered the jealousy of Bong (Vandolph), who’s apparently one of her persistent admirers. He furiously attacked them inside their cell, which resulted in disorder. Celso reported it to Chief Espinas, who asked him to watch over Tanggol and his friends, especially Tanggol, since he has bounty over his head.

It was revealed that Bong has been wooing Bubbles for a long time now, and actually had murdered other inmates, too, because of his obsession towards her. Thus, he and his friends reminded Bubbles of what they can do, so she better left those newbies alone.

Meanwhile, aside from taking her to a grand vacation and providing her a beautiful and comfortable life, Alberto also promised to send Mokang back to school in order for her to fulfill her dream of finishing her studies and manage their aviation company. He would enroll her to a personality school as well, in order to refine her character and make her completely fit in his world.

While watching the basketball game between the Batang Divisoria gang and another group, Ben and Tanggol and his friends talked about the heads of the maximum-security prison. Celso, on the other hand, told his fellow inmates about the bounty over the head of Tanggol. Chief Espinas then castigated the Batang Divisoria Gang and interrogated Bubbles regarding the commotion that happened earlier that day involving him and Tanggol. She also asked her to tour him around the place.


Comments from netizens

The pilot week of the second book of FPJ’s Batang Quiapo, a.k.a. “Bagong Yugto”, indeed brought viewers to a rollercoaster ride of emotions. Of course, there was drama and action that has always been present in every week, but we had also found ourselves giggling with amusement and kilig.

As if there’s something new about it, but David once again piqued the gigil of viewers not just with his irritating facial reactions, arrogance, and pretentiousness, but with how he continues to gaslight Camille (Yukii Takahashi). We also find it vexing how he even managed to cheat on her, as well as made her as an excuse for him to just escape from one of his classes.

Many were also touched by the conversation between Marites and Ronwaldo, wherein she seconded Rigor’s advise to him to find a job for the meantime while waiting for the opening of the next school year. Not for him to be able to contribute to their household, but for him to not waste time and ne reprimanded by Rigor anymore. Moreover, she reminded him to find a work that is decent, legal, and won’t get him in trouble.

We also found ourselves endeared by Santino’s kindness, thoughtfulness, and empathy towards his family members, despite being often overlooked by them.

Just when we thought that Tanggol is going to live in complete hell inside the maximum-security prison, there are actually going to be good people towards him there. And it seems that one of them is Chief Espinas, who, in spite of her terrifying and intimidating façade, is actually a kindhearted and compassionate person. At least for now.

There were also a few comedic scenes that entertained us, such as Bubbles’ droll and relatable conversations with inmates Ibyang (Lotlot Bustamante) and Ibyang (Donna Cariaga about Tanggol. We were amused, as well, by the kwentuhan between the parents of Mokang and Ramon, as Don Julio apparently got irritated by the inquisitiveness and talkativeness of Marsing and Nita.

For the kilig part, there are netizens who are seemingly convinced that Alberto is the more perfect match for Mokang because of the noticeable chemistry they have. At the same time, we’re looking forward to see more scenes of Tanggol and Bubbles together because of how cute they really are.

Obviously, many viewers were so excited to see how the “Bagong Yugto” would kick off, as attested by the all-time high peak concurrent viewership that the well-loved teleserye had reached in the past week. And among the things they looked forward to was the introduction of Ivana’s character Bubbles.

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