Tanggol’s Journey FPJ’s Batang Quiapo

After a year, Filipinos are still captivated by action-drama series “FPJ’s Batang Quiapo,” which continues to impress with its strong performance on primetime. In the series’ pilot episode aired on February 13, 2023, Marites (Miles Ocampo, later played by Cherry Pie Picache) gave birth to a child whom her mother, Tindeng (Lara Quigaman, later Charo Santos) named Jesus Nazareno, aka Tanggol, as he was believed to grow up as a protector to his loved ones.

Tanggol has since embarked on an adventure in the streets of Quiapo, going through numerous challenges and good times along the way. He has been through a lot. In celebration of “FPJ’s Batang Quiapo”’s first anniversary, here’s a quick recap of his journey so far.

The show had a jam-packed first month as the narrative immediately transitioned from Tanggol’s childhood days to him as an adult, who manifested his fate both as a protector and a thief. He grew up to be blessed with loyal friends, and had a childhood crush who later became his first love, Mokang (Lovi Poe).

In episodes throughout February 2023, we witnessed the foundation of Tanggol and Mokang’s endearing friendship, as well his tendency to engage in street rumbles as a thief. We also watched the heartwarming bond between him and his grandmother Tindeng, whom he fondly calls ‘Loley,’ strengthen as years passed.

Tanggol encountered one of the greatest challenges of his life when Tindeng was imprisoned due to her conflict with the greedy landlord Roda (Joel Lamangan) in the series’ second month. This deeply affected him, especially since Tindeng was his main source of support and inspiration. The situation even compelled him to break into Roda's house and use the stolen money to secure Tindeng's bail.

The third month brought both joy and turmoil into Tanggol's life. He experienced a moment of happiness dancing with Mokang at her debut party, an event that would forever be etched in his memory. However, he also found himself in conflict with Mokang's wealthy and arrogant classmates, particularly JP (Dino Imperial), who attempted to take advantage of Mokang.

A perfect concoction of kilig and gigil brewed in the fourth month, as Tanggol and Mokang dealt with the consequences of their actions concerning JP and faced the wrath of their respective families. Fearing for their safety, Tanggol decided to run away and took Mokang with him. Their lives took a drastic turn as Tanggol and his friends found themselves working as kitchen staff in a hotel restaurant, hopeful for a chance to leave their rouge path behind.

However, troubled seemed to tail them as they got trapped in a police shootout and took the attaché case containing drugs, leading to his brief encounter with Ramon (Christopher de Leon), who, unbeknownst to him, is his biological father.

Tanggol's heart shattered into pieces in the show's fifth month when his beloved Mokang resorted to dancing in a risqué club to raise funds for her father's operation. Tanggol promised to help, so Mokang wouldn’t have to expose her body for money, even if it meant he must resort to illegal means once again.

Despite the mounting problems in Mokang’s family during the series' sixth month, which Tanggol felt personally affected by because of his care for her, the two managed to share a sweet moment by going on a date one night.

In the seventh month of the teleserye, danger encroached upon Tanggol's life when he worked for Roy's (Jeffrey Tam) gang, unaware of its involvement in drug syndicates. Forced to steal from the group to secure money for Mokang, this decision triggered a series of unfortunate events. Despite Tanggol's sacrifice, Mokang ultimately chose Ramon's marriage proposal over Tanggol's financial aid. To compound matters, the theft resulted in a violent shootout, leading to Tanggol and his friends' imprisonment. As if that weren't enough, Mokang visited Tanggol in jail to bid him a formal farewell as she prepared to marry Ramon, who was disguised as Albert.

Month eight of the series proved to be a pivotal turning point, heralding the beginning of a new chapter as the "Batang Quiapo" squad were transferred to the maximum-security prison. Here, Tanggol encountered new characters, including the tough and alluring Bubbles (Ivana Alawi); as well as the “Batang DIvisoria” group led by Bong (Vandolph Quizon), who assaulted his friends inside the jail. Meanwhile, his beloved Mokang tied the knot with Ramon.

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The ninth month of the show was filled with action as Tanggol carried out his first assassination mission alongside Bubbles, as instructed by Chief Espinas (Jacklyn Jose). Tanggol was chosen by Chief Espinas as one her trustees.

After demonstrating his skill and reliability, Tanggol appeared to be Chief Espinas' favored protégé, thus becoming the primary rival of former trustee, Bong (Vandolph Quizon). Month ten was equally thrilling as Tanggol embarked on his second mission alongside Bubbles. In addition to the action-packed missions, Tanggol also found himself caught up in some romantic tension due to Bubbles' growing but concealed feelings for him.

The show’s eleventh month was fraught with tension and regret as Tanggol and Mokang were finally reunited, with Mokang deeply remorseful for choosing Ramon. It was a bittersweet moment as the two finally had the opportunity to express their feelings for each other, despite the looming danger.

In the 12th month, Tanggol loses Mokang, who took the bullet that was intended for him during their fight with Ramon’s battalion.

Tanggol embarked on his journey in the series driven by his love for Mokang and his determination to win her heart. Now, after a year, he loses her. However, following the loss of his great love, a new chapter begins.