Batang Quiapo Dec 4 to Dec 8

The previous week of FPJ’s Batang Quiapo commenced on a steamy and thrilling note as we witnessed the much-awaited intimate moment between Tanggol (Coco Martin) and Bubbles (Ivana Alawi) upon waking up at their accommodation. However, much to the dismay of our feisty leading lady (and even of their ardent shippers), it was just her dream. She attempted to kiss him but failed since he had already woken up, and a cute moment between them ensued. 

On the other hand, Mokang (Lovi Poe) woke up in a sullen mood as she was still agonizing over not choosing the love Tanggol offered her and instead opting to get hitched to Albert (Christopher de Leon) for the sake of her family. And now, she’s all locked up in their room as he took her away from her family after the fiasco that happened at the drug den. 

David (McCoy de Leon) finally got to call his father Rigor (John Estrada) after Olga (Irma Adlawan) heeded his request to give him a phone. He “updated” him by telling him that he lost his phone and he’s currently in Cebu for work, with no idea when he would be able to go home. But those were not the only lies he told him as he also boasted about his supposed promotion to assistant sales manager. 

Marcing (Pen Medina) and Nita (Susan Africa) found another way to tame Roda (Joel Lamangan) from his aggressiveness towards them – to blackmail him by telling the people that he’s selling expired medicines and vitamins. Afraid to lose his source of income and go back to his previous plight, Roda agreed to obey everything that they would ask him to do against his will. That same day, the couple returned to the mansion in an attempt to take their daughter back, but they were barred from entering the mansion and Don Julio (Tommy Abuel) dismissed them. 

As she decided to go on a quick swim in the lake, Bubbles’ clothes got stolen. Thankfully, Tanggol came right in time to discover her situation and ask for help from the resort owners. Marita (Ynez Veneracion) lent her a plain white mini frock and helped her dress up, with Bubbles trying to conceal her kilig as Tanggol his arm over her shoulders.

Accompanied by Primo’s (Lito Lapid) group, Amanda (Lorna Tolentino) traveled to a remote place in a bid to reunite with her parents, who are well taken care of by her most trusted right-hand Eric (Kiko Matos). According to her, she had already prepared this hideout for the time when she would be able to escape from Augustus (Julio Diaz). 

In her pursuit of winning the affection again of her husband, Marites (Cherry Pie Picache) dolled herself up as she went to the police station to bring him and his colleagues maja blanca that she cooked that morning, which was her way of thanking everyone for helping and assisting Rigor. 

Tension simmered as she asked Lena (Mercedes Cabral) pointed questions, in an attempt to confirm the allegations of Tindeng (Charo Santos) and Noy (Lou Veloso). And being the palaban that she is, Lena made subtle sharp responses at her and even suggested to Marites how she could make her maja blanca extra yummier. Prior to that, Rigor told Lena that they already had been caught by Tindeng, so he thinks that it’s best for them to end their illicit affair before things go out of hand. 

Lawrence (Paolo Gumabao) vehemently opposed Coach Gary’s (Levi Ignacio) plan of including Santino (Ronwaldo Martin) in the roster of newest trainees as he doesn’t want to have any rival in his position of being the greatest fighter of Kamao Gym. He reminded Santino that he still holds the throne as Kamao Gym’s best fighter

Upon seeing the cops, who, unbeknown to them, were good friends of the resort owners just swinging by to pay a visit, Tanggol and Bubbles quickly ran away and fled. 

Heartwarming, amusing scenes
In the December 4 to December 8 episodes of FPJ’s Batang Quiapo, we’re able to catch several heart-warming and amusing scenes that still got us hooked in every episode. 

First off was the heart-to-heart conversation between Marites and Camille as they talked about their respective partners, Rigor and David, who are very much alike in so many ways – not to mention having illicit affairs. 
The extramarital affair of Rigor with Lena caused not only another conflict in their household, but also affected the self-esteem of Marites. Thus, in her attempt to win him over again, she fixed herself up a bit, which several people appreciated so much, except Rigor. This only attests that everything that we say or do to our loved ones or the people around us can really make a difference in them – either we boost their confidence or take a toll on their self-worth. 

Thus, it really pisses us off that instead of being appreciative of his wife’s gesture, Rigor told even dared to tell her to never do it again since he found it embarrassing and even doubted her real intentions in doing so. 

We also got kilig with the conversation between Tanggol and Bubbles as they opened up about the lives they’re dreaming of and when he told her he’s beautiful. 

At the same time, we’re so touched when Santino gifted Roberto (Luisito Espinosa) a sleeping mat and a pillow so that he could rest well, which is his way of expressing his gratitude for training him in his first-ever amateur fight. 

Aside from these heartwarming (and a tinge of gigil) scenes, we were also amused anew by Roda, especially during his interactions with Marcing and Nita, as well as with their kind barangay chairman as he approached him regarding his latest woes with his “housemates.”

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Will Tanggol and Bubbles be able to return to jail safely and without being caught by the authorities as he tries to visit his family and Mokang? Let’s find out by not missing a single episode of FPJ’s Batang Quiapo, weeknights after TV Patrol on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, TV5 and A2Z.