Watch these Kapamilya stars rate their abilities to keep secrets

Admit it, keeping secrets is difficult. We all know someone who can’t seem to keep their lips sealed, right? But, imagine how much more of a struggle it would be for celebrities who are constantly pressed by fans and all ‘marites’ out there to spill the tea. 

In this video, Kapamilya stars rate their ability to keep secrets on a scale of 1 to 10.

The Iron Heart leading man Richard Gutierrez says, “Hindi ako marunong magsinungaling, actually.” That means he’s bad at keeping things under wraps, rating himself just 2 over 10. Meanwhile, his co-stars Dimples Romana and Meryll Soriano graded themselves a perfect 10.

2 Good 2 Be True squad members Alyssa Muhlach, Pamu Pamorada, and Hyubs Azarcon likewise rated themselves 10. Alyssa explains, “If you tell me not to tell anyone, I really don’t tell anyone.”  The same goes for Pamu, who is only a gossiper on TV but not in real life. Hyubs mentioned that boys rarely keep secrets from each other but if they do share one among the group, it’s kept forever.

MMK “Scarlet Women” star Meg Imperial thinks she deserves a rating of 10. Jenny Miller would only give herself a score of 9 because she can’t help but blabber some hints.

With her outgoing personality, it’s not hard to imagine ex-PBB housemate Amanda Zamora giving herself a grade of 6.

Your secrets are safe with Rob Blackburn since he isn’t much of a talker. Also, he tends to forget confidential info that people tell him, so, overall, he’s giving himself a good 8.

Besides being an introvert, Maxine Trinidad respects other people’s privacy, especially that of her friends and family, therefore she evaluates herself with an 8.

Having experienced trusting the wrong person with her secrets, Gabb Skribikin vows to be a good secret keeper herself.  “There’s a reason why you’re telling a secret to someone. It’s because you trust them. Ako naman po, I’m a trustworthy person naman po.” Once you tell Gabb a secret, she will keep it “until I die.”

“I’m great at keeping secrets,” enthused Shanaia Gomez, so she deserves a tap on the back and a perfect rating.

Jordan Andrews can keep his mouth shut if needed but sometimes secrets can stir a good laugh among friends, so he’s giving himself a score of 9, “Kasi minsan there are just these embarrassing, funny stories of friends that I just have to share to the other friends ‘cause it’s so funny.”

Here’s a little secret, Kapamilya! Good vibes await you when you click on the video.