Vivoree, Zach Castañeda spread kilig vibes in Dear MOR Celebrity Specials “Click Tayo”

As the pandemic compelled us to stay in the comforts of our homes, many of us heavily relied on social media not just to connect with our loved ones and other people living away from us, but to also inform and entertain ourselves and share our talents. At the same, it’s also through these platforms where some romances are born, such as the story featured in the third episode of MOR Entertainment’s Dear MOR Celebrity Specials broadcast last June 24, Friday.

Titled “Click Tayo”, this tells the story of letter sender Cheska, voiced by Vivoree, a 15-year-old introvert from Laguna who spends her time in playing online games and browsing social media whenever she’s not busy with online school. From being a mere viewer of videos on TikTok, she mustered the courage to also create her own entries, which successfully raked in thousands of views and “likes.” One of them is a certain user named “jerome98765”, who consecutively “like” and commented on her posts, and eventually sent her messages, to which she replied sometimes.

Dear MOR Click Tayo Vivoree

They then became “friends” on Facebook, wherein she finally had the chance to see his profile. He attempted to talk to her via chat and video call a lot of times, but she just ignored those, until one night. Just on their first-ever conversation, Jerome, who was voiced by up-and-coming Rise Artist Studio Zach Castañeda, immediately opened up to her about the unfortunate story of his family to which Cheska interestingly listened despite his ribbing.

As days went by, their conversations became consistent, which allowed them to learn about each other. Jerome also encouraged her to also show her musical talent on TikTok upon seeing an old video of her singing while playing the ukulele on her FB account, to which Cheska eventually heeded to. She may have garnered positive reactions from other users, but she also had her own shares of bashers, too. Fortunately, Jerome was there to be her virtual knight-in-shining armor as he’s the one who defended her from naysayers.

And then one day, as she repeatedly rejected her bestie Nessie’s presumption that she had already fallen onto him or they’re already an item, Jerome suddenly confessed to her that he has a huge crush on her, by uploading a video of him singing Daniel Padilla’s “Nasa ‘Yo Na Ang Lahat” on TikTok and calling her afterwards.

He then started courting her, but Cheska’s not in a rush to give him her sweet “yes.” At the same time, Jerome’s not also prodding her to so, thus they remained in the “mutual understanding” stage. As they always enjoyed their conversations, they thought that they would only have happy times, until a huge misunderstanding almost tore them apart.

Jerome couldn’t be reached all of a sudden, which got Cheska overly worried. Things got worse when she saw a video of him shared by an unknown girl and captioned it, “ang cute naman ng baby ko.” This made her overthink for days and doubts start to rise in Cheska as Nessie told her that there’s a possibility of him already finding someone new, so she might as well block him on social media.

The moment she’d been waiting for finally came one day as she received an unexpected call from Jerome. But what could have been a mending of their mix-up resulted to an altercation instead, as she got infuriated with how apparently clueless he was that his sudden disappearance hurt her so much. He attempted to explain himself to no avail, as she refused to listen nor believe to everything that he said.

And then one morning, a stranger showed up at her house’s door and handed her a bouquet of flowers and a cup of milk tea. He didn’t introduce himself and simply told her that someone just asked him to give it to her as a peace offering. As her instinct was nudging her that it could be from Jerome, she got to confirm it when he called her.

He explained that the man was actually his cousin who happened to live near Cheska’s residence and that the girl who shared his video was actually the older sister of one of his friends, to whom he’s very close as well. He also iterated that the reason why he disappeared for a while was that he got overwhelmed by everything he was going through that time, so he wasn’t able to update her anymore. Besides, he’s been telling her that he is serious with her, so she doesn’t have to worry.

Cheska ended her letter by saying that she and Jerome were able to fix their problem and have been constantly talking for five months now. She’s not also keen on taking their relationship to the next level until they meet in person. They’re thankful to each other for bringing out the best in one another, as well as bringing happiness in each other’s lives.

“Click Tayo” indeed made a lot of titos and titas out there reminisce about how we were when we were still at the same age as Cheska and Jerome, or the Gen Zs able to relate with their story.

This also proves that even though social media have gone toxic for some, it could still be a safe space for others to share a slice of their lives or to meet new people who can be their friend or lover in the process. Who knows, may be one of the persons who likes or comments on your posts is the special person you’ve been waiting for all your life? But we should keep in mind to be also cautious in engaging with people we meet online and to not easily trust anyone whose identity is dubious. At the same time, we should learn to be understanding and open with the people that matter to us, in order to keep our rapport with them.

Just by simply listening to Vivoree and Zach, we can say that the two indeed owned their characters as if they’re Cheska and Jerome for real. Besides, we’re also able to feel their chemistry with how they delivered their dialogues.

Vivoree and Zach are just the third pair we’re going to hear on this special Made For YouTube series as more Kapamilya stars will be giving life to the next featured stories on Dear MOR Celebrity Specials. Fresh episodes can be streamed every Friday at 12 noon, while the video on-demand will be available every Monday on MOR’s YouTube Channel until August 26.