Master Hanz’s Love Team Predictions

The New Year is a time to be hopeful, according to Master Hanz Cua. Check out his Feng Shui tips on how to attract good fortune this 2023 in this episode of Kapamilya Chat.

While he gives ‘predictions’ and ‘lucky hacks,’ Master Hanz stressed that success still depends on a person’s hard work, mindset, and attitude. That’s why you must start the year right by getting rid of all negativities of the past, then, write down new set of goals for the year and solid plans of action. “Dagdagan natin ang determination, sipag, tiyaga, at prayers pa rin. Ang Feng Shui ay isa lamang sa mga sangkap para mas maging matagumpay tayo,” he clarified.

Master Hanz cited ‘blue’ as the lucky color of the year 2023 based on the star charts. So, to welcome the year, specifically the Chinese New Year on January 22, you may want to wear anything blue. Another common practice in Feng Shui is preparing 12 pieces of round fruits. It can be just one kind of fruit. For the spread, you may include spaghetti or noodles for long life and ‘tikoy’ or any sticky food to enhance the family’s togetherness.

Since we’re on the Year of the Water Rabbit, manifest good luck by displaying rabbit charms in the east corner of the room or office. This doesn’t apply to those born in the Year of the Rooster, “Dahil ang rooster at rabbit po ay magkalaban ngayong taon na ‘to.”

For enhanced wealth, fill your pockets and wallets with coins. You may also roll a kiat-kiat fruit from the main door and scatter coins around the house. And, don’t forget the prosperity bowl, for which you may watch Master Hanz’s tutorial on YouTube. He mentioned the wishing paper ritual wherein you’d write down your full name and wishes on a piece of paper and burn it on the evening of January 21.

According to Master Hanz, the luckiest zodiac sign this year is the dog. Opportunities at work, investments, and help will be easy-flowing, as long as you’re not picky. It’s also a fortunate time to be in a relationship or start a family. Master Hanz suggests those born under the Year of Dog have a pagoda cure to suppress misfortune.

Also among the luckiest signs are the pig, which has the nobleman star, meaning help will be abundant; the sheep, which has the victory and success star; the horse, with good business opportunities; and the rat, with enhanced luck in long-term investments.

The year 2022 might have been difficult for those with the monkey sign. But the tables are turning this year. Master Hanz said 2023 would be their ‘recovery’ or ‘revenge’ year.

Among those considered unlucky is the rooster sign. Master Hanz advised 'roosters' to avoid conflict, and instead be grateful and generous to unlock the heaven star. Surprisingly, those with the rabbit sign are unlucky this Year of the Water Rabbit. The illness star is on them.

Anger is the main enemy of those born under the Year of the Dragon. They have the litigation star on them, meaning uncontrollable temper and anger problems can get them into trouble with the law. Carry an anti-litigation amulet to oppose bad luck.  

Members of the snake zodiac sign must be cautious with contracts and investments. People born in the Year of the Ox remain hardworking, however, prone to thief and betrayal. Scammers are also the enemies of the Tigers this year.

Master Hanz tells those with rooster, rabbit, horse, dog, and rat signs to carry a Tai Sui amulet to help fight negativities.

He went on to share his predictions about some Kapamilya stars via their Chinese zodiac signs. First up, DonBelle. According to the Feng Shui expert, Donny Pangilinan’s star elements signify his influence, meaning everyone would listen when he speaks, although he must be cautious with his investments and contracts. Belle Mariano also has good money luck this year.

According to Master Hanz, Donny and Belle’s signs are a good combination, and they can further boost their luck with a ‘dog.’ They can either have a pet dog or anything with a dog logo or have an adviser who is born in the Year of the Dog. Belle’s sign is luckier than Donny’s, so the latter must submit to her.

The star charts of Francine Diaz and Seth Fedelin promise their being allies. Both of them are water elements, hence more opportunities, achievements, and friendships this year. 

KD Estrada and Alexa Ilacad likewise reveal good potential as a tandem. Alexa, a dragon sign, is prone to bad mood and temper, thus she must listen more to KD to protect herself from anger issues this 2023.

For LoiNie, it is believed that Loisa Andalio’s sign is prone to health issues, specifically relating to the stomach and weak immune system. Ronnie Alonte, a fire rat, will have more investments and success. They are prophesied to take on individual showbiz projects this year.  

Master Hanz affirmed that 2023 is a good year for Kathryn Bernado and Daniel Padilla to settle down. The Water Rabbit will bring them good luck in their projects, hence a perfect time to produce more movies and shows.

He also read the star charts of McCoy de Leon and Elisse Joson, who recently shocked social media with their breakup. Master Hanz said the ‘confusion’ stage in the relationship might have arrived in the latter part of 2022. “Marami silang issues kung saan po marami silang misunderstanding and pressure lalo na po kay Mccoy, based sa chart. Si Elisse naman, naguguluhan din sa kanyang energy ng mind. Both of them right now are lost, based sa chart nilang dalawa,” he said, adding that McCoy and Elisse have individual ‘lost stars.’

“Si Elisse po ay may emotional star. Si McCoy naman po ay hindi siya makapag-decide sa chart niya ngayong taon.” He added that communication will help clarify their issues.

Sofia Andres, born in the Year of the Tiger, is predicted to be overwhelmed with online bashing. She is therefore advised to lessen her time in social media, specifically reading comments. “Ang Earth Tiger ngayong taon na ‘to, very stressful, very emotional kaya be careful sa mga babasahin ni Sofia Andres online. Be careful also sa mga bibitawan niyang salita kasi baka yung issue na gusto niyang sabihin, akala niya maayos ‘yung pagkakasabi niya, narinig ng ibang tao, will lead to misunderstanding.” Master Hanz asks fans and netizens to watch their words as well.

Again, Master Hanz stressed that these are only tips and guides. At the end of the day, fortune is determined by a person’s actions and hard work.