Killer or Victim Challenge: Jane Oineza on love, budgeting and being a ‘Marites’

In case you missed it, Jane Oineza is the recent Cattleya Killer  star to take on Kapamilya Chat’s Killer or Victim Challenge. In this game, the host would mention a situation, in which the player would answer “killer” if she feels guilty or “victim” if she would like to defend her innocence.

One statement she reacted to was about buying luxury things, which she has never done before. “Hindi ko ‘yun thing. Hindi ko kaya, unang-una dahil ang kuripot ko sa mga gano’n. Hindi ako bumibili ng luxury items. Kung meron man, siguro puro regalo o bigay sa akin at ginagamit ko, siyempre, kasi bigay nila,” she said.

The former child actress further shared that she keeps a monthly budgeting routine. “Meron lang akong budget per month for myself and the utilities… Nililista ko ‘yan lahat. ‘Pag hindi na siya kasya for the month, kung meron akong gusting bilhin, mae-elbow na siya sa next month.” Though she rewards herself once in a while, she makes sure that it’s something useful. She doesn’t splurge just for the sake of it. And she’d rather spend on food than luxury items.

And part of her being ‘matipid’ is staying at home as much as possible. When not working, Jane would rather be engrossed with books and games and bond with her pet.

Giving material gifts isn’t her love language, either. However, she can be ‘extra’ even without a special occasion when she has the budget and she knows the gift will make the person happy.

In the video, we also learned that she’s not a “Marites” type, or the source of ‘chismis,’ though sometimes she can’t help but probe on the latest gossip. “Ayaw natin ng drama, eh, pero minsan ‘yung drama na lumalapit nang kusa,” she quipped.

Jane is not scared to air her opinion if she knows she’s right. Similar to her character Tina Galvez in Cattleya Killer, a female detective-agent undermined because she chose to work in a male-dominated world, Jane will also stand up for herself when needed. She believes that it’s okay to have an opinion “lalo na kung may pinaglalaban ka naman.”

The game also revealed that she’s not the dominant partner in a relationship. Neither one should be. “Parang compromise naman ang relationship, ‘di ba? Kailangan nakikinig ka sa partner mo at kailangan siya din nakikinig sa’yo.” But when it comes to love, Jane goes all-out. “Grabe ako magbigay ng love. Kapag naman nasa tamang tao, bakit mo naman ikukulang?”

In dealing with friends, on the other hand, she is careful not to overstep boundaries. She’s a low-maintenance friend, meaning she’d rarely pop up on your messages to check on you. But that doesn’t make her a bad or unconcerned friend.

She explained, “Pero kahit hindi tayo mag-usap nang matagal o hindi nakakapag-catch up, pero ‘pag nagkita naman tayo, doon ako mangungumusta... Pero I’m always here for them and I’m always present naman.” She reaches out to congratulate her friends on their new projects or milestones, though.

Asked if she’s a people-pleaser, Jane answered that she’s both a “killer” and a “victim” in this scenario. She’s a people-pleaser in a sense that she wants others to feel comfortable around her, “Gusto ko lang na okay ‘yung mga tao sa paligid ko. Gusto ko hindi sila nase-stress.” But, not to the point of bowing down to other people, “Dapat hindi natin hinayaan na ‘yung standards ng iba or kung paano nila dini-dictate ‘yung life mo, kailangan mo gawin.”