Janine raids Pilita’s closet

Just when we thought that celebrities are not into “hand-me-downs” unlike us, ordinary people, since they have the fortune to buy or receive any clothes they want, or even have them custom made for special occasions, Janine Gutierrez just proved our assumptions wrong in her latest vlog.

In this vlog, she had her beloved paternal grandmother Pilita Corrales, who she and her siblings fondly call “Mamita,” as her special guest. As many of us know, Pilita is one of the legendary Filipina performers in both the local and global scene not only because of her formidable singing prowess, but of her beauty, grace, and style as well. And Janine gave us a peek of some of her most iconic and modish wardrobe through the years, and tried them on.

According to the 33-year-old actress, she raided her Mamita’s closet the day before they shot the vlog and picked out some of her most favorites. She started off with the studded sheer black dress with tassel skirt, which Pilita wore in several performances here and abroad.

When asked what encouraged her to don sexy and flamboyant numbers, the veteran singer-actress jested, “Before kasi, when you were working on stage, like the opera house, everything had to be flashy talaga...”

They then talked about how some of the outfits she donned in her appearances were actually crafted by her mom since clothes abroad were so expensive, as well as when the Asia’s Queen of Songs made headlines at the age of 19 when she got shipwrecked on her first trip to Australia in 1959, along with a travelling circus. She eventually became a star in the said country and even had her own television show!

Janine next pulled out sage green full crochet peekaboo gown, which is also among her Mamita’s favorites. Since dresses of this kind are wash and wear, which means no ironing or steaming required, she actually have a lot of crochet numbers that she keeps in a suitcase.

She then finally had the chance to wear the shimmering sequined multicolor Filipiniana that she borrowed from her grandma for an event. Those who were able to follow Pilita’s career ever since the ’60s could probably recall her cladded in Filipiniana in most of her albums, which the two fondly reminisced about.

Janine couldn’t help but gush over the suede rust coordinates she spotted from her Mamita’s closet, saying she would have likely worn it to a trip abroad if she just saw it before. Since it perfectly fitted her apo, she just gave it to her. Janine then showed the glittery suit and pants that Pilita has been insisting to give her, and it looked really nice on her.

As some of us tend to get insecure with our appearance and fashion, the 85-year-old showbiz icon implied that believing in yourself and having confidence are simply the keys. Besides, being fashionable doesn’t need to be expensive because there were times when her homemade gowns caught the eye of the people she worked or came across with during her time abroad.

Watch this vlog to see how Janine looked in her Mamita’s gowns, as well as to hear their amusing banters.