Teen Clash Ang Pinaka Game

The “Teen Clash” barkada brought their high-energy reactions and revelations as they play the “Ang Pinaka” game. Thanks to this challenge, we feel as though we’re also close with Jayda Avanzado, Aljon Mendoza, Andi Abaya, Kobie Brown, Ralph Malibunas, Gail Banawis, Zach Castañeda, Fana, and Bianca de Vera. 

It seems the gang took a truth serum before responding to all questions. They voted Bianca as the pinakamagastos because she likes treating them with food, to which the bubbly girl reacted, “That’s not gastos, that’s love.” Sounds acceptable, right? 

One of our favorite parts was when they were asked the pinaka-baby among them, then Aljon wrote down Jayda’s name and said, “Para siyang yung gusto mo lagi i-protect.” Awww! 

They all agreed that KoDi is the sweetest, as in nilalanggam kind of sweetness. Bianca was hailed pinakamadaldal, “Minsan lang magsalita pero sagad.” Ralph is the funniest, their happy pill even. 

If a ‘Best in Memorization’ Award exists, they’d give it to Jayda, Andi, and Gail. 

Who has the biggest appetite? Definitely Aljon and Zach! 

The game was so fun, we promise! They also revealed the most religious, generous, as well as the  cast member who buckles a lot, and more. 

Check out the full video to get to know more of the “Teen Clash” barkada!