It’s ‘bukingan’ time with Kaori, Jeremiah, and Daniela as they play Who’s Most Likely To Challenge

The cast of “Love at First Stream” – Kaori Oinuma, Jeremiah Lisbo, and Daniela Stranner – spilled one another’s secrets as they play “Who’s Most Likely To” Challenge for Push Bets Live.

The guest artists would simply have to vote who fits the given description. Anthony Jennings was also included in the choices.

For the first question, on who’s most likely to be a drama king/queen, the ladies answered Jeremiah, calling him ‘sad boy.’ He explained, “In real life, nagiging tapat lang ako sa nararamdaman ko. Kapag ‘yung mood ko talaga ‘pag sad talaga ako, sinasabayan ko talaga. Ayaw kong labanan ‘yung emosyon ko kasi alam ko magagamit ko din ito sa trabaho ko. Pwede ko ‘tong balikan.” Daniela could pass as runner-up because she’s admittedly “iyakin.”

Since he’s the ‘sad boy’ of the squad, Jeremiah is most likely the one to watch sad movies. According to the girls, Jeremiah is often quiet even when the vibe around him is loud and energetic. It’s probably because he loves to reflect about life, “Minsan wala ako sa moment. Minsan iniisip ko ‘yung past ko, minsan sa future, planning.”

Most likely, he could have an imaginary friend as well. He admitted, “Kadalasan gusto ko kausapin sarili ko, ‘yung self-talk ba. Ang sarap din sa feeling na best friend mo ‘yung sarili mo. Mas magandang makinig ka sa sarili mo kesa sa sinasabi ng ibang tao para mapuntahan mo ‘yung gusto mong mapuntahan.”

Kaori would rather stay in during weekends. If you want to hang out with her, you better visit her at home because she’s not leaving, especially when tired from work.

Kaori and Jeremiah battled it out on who’s most likely to play ghost in a horror movie. Why not have them both? He thought of a good plot, “Kaori, kunwari ‘yung story mag-jowa tayo tapos namatay ako. Minumulto kita kasi ‘di pa ako maka-move on.”

The accident-prone Anthony is most likely to fall down the stairs. Daniela revealed, “Clumsy ‘yun! Parang bulate kasi gumalaw.”  

Since they’re a bunch of street-smart individuals, the four of them will most likely survive a zombie apocalypse. On who’s most likely to adopt a wild animal, Jeremiah and Daniela raised their hands.

Jeremiah and Kaori voted Daniela as the one to most likely win a Nobel prize based on her performance and standing in their movie “Love at First Stream.”

Check out Kaori, Jeremiah, and Daniela’s ‘bukingan’ session in this video!