Diego Loyzaga on closure and being friends with an ex

Diego Loyzaga is back with a new movie. Titled “Will You Be My Ex,” his film with Julia Barretto tackles exes and closure. In keeping with the story’s theme, Kapamilya Chat asked Diego his take on being friends with an ex.

And he offered an insightful response, saying it’s possible to remain friends only if the breakup was a mutual decision. What’s the point of re-reading a horrible breakup anyway? His advice, as much as possible, is to split up respectfully so there’s still room for friendship – this, he should’ve learned when he was younger.

“If there’s one thing I wish I didn’t so much in my 20s, I wish I didn’t burn so many bridges. If you and your ex cannot burn your bridge, kind of remain friends without it being toxic, then, great,” he confessed. “As long as you don’t burn bridges, as long as you don’t become a bad person, then, you’re okay.”

Of closure, he believes that it can help bring clarity as long as it’s done when all the emotions have simmered down.  “I believe that closure would be beneficial pero at the right time. Timing is everything. Hindi naman pwede na nag-break kayo ng Monday, tapos Tuesday gusto mo na ng closure. Ang dami pang emosyon nu’n. Magagalit lang kayong dalawa, mag-aaway kayo or kung anuman,” he imparted, adding that both parties must be ready for the closure to avoid post-breakup arguments.

However, you shouldn’t be waiting around for closure, either. Remember that it’s not a prerequisite to moving on. “There will come a time also that if you don’t get the closure, sa sobrang tagal na nakalipas, parang ikaw na sa sarili mo, parang, ‘Okay na ako, hindi ko na kailangan.’ From my experience, that’s pretty true,” he said.

Asked his advice to couples going through relationship problems, he imparted, “I think every problem naman has a solution if you’re willing to look for it.”

Check out the video and learn from Diego's 'hugot'.