The awesome friendships in teleseryes that we witnessed in 2023

Aside from romance and family, friendship is among the universal themes that have been incorporated in series and films. Over the years, we get to meet a lot of onscreen friendships that captured our hearts not only because we could relate to them, but also brought amusement and inspiration to us in their own ways.

And in this feature, let’s look back on some of the admirable friendships that we had witnessed in 2023, which probably made us wish to have the same kind as well in real life.

Tanggol and his tropa, FPJ’s Batang Quiapo

Let us begin this list with the astig tropa among Tanggol (Coco Martin) and his friends in FPJ’s Batang Quiapo. It was revealed in an episode that Enteng (Jojit Lorenzo), Dolfo (Ryan Martin), Bulldog (Sugar Ray “Mammoth” Estroso), Oweng (Renz Joshua "Baby Giant" Baña), and Tanos (Mark Anthony "Big Mak" Andaya) have been in his life ever since they were kids. They have supported him in wooing Mokang (Lovi Poe), as well as taking on various shenanigans as they grow old, which included stealing phones and money from other people and executing other dangerous missions.

They have been there for each other through the ups and downs of life, not just in consoling Tanggol whenever he feels dejected or upset, but with how his friends continue to accompany him regardless if those will put them in great danger or trouble. 

Just like what’s happening to them at present as all of them are in jail to pay for the crimes they committed. In spite of what happened and is happening, their friendship has remained the same as they refuse to leave anyone behind. They’re all in this together, as what a popular song says.

Bingo and his Binondo squad, Can’t Buy Me Love

Donny Pangilinan’s Bingo in Can’t Buy Me Love is also blessed to not only have his adoptive family to take good care of him and support him but his friends as well. Apparently, they’ve been in the lives of one another ever since they were younger, may it be in their successes or their failures in life.

For sure, a lot of people can relate to the kind of friendship that they offer. Like other barkadahans out there, the Binondo squad is also low maintenance, as they already take pleasure in the simple things in life and each other’s presence every time they would have meetings or mini get-togethers. We also find the dynamics of their friendship admirable and amusing, thanks to the effective portrayal of the artists behind them, namely Anthony Jennings as Snoop, Vivoree Esclito as Dara, Karina Bautista as Bougie, Alora Sasam as Bierna, and Gello Marquez as Koriks.

Apart from simply being a fun barkada, they are also business partners, as they run and manage an online live-selling venture that mostly sells undergarments. Each one of them plays significant roles in it and fills in the position whenever one is absent, which we really find admirable.

Sky and Northford buddies, Senior High

Even though she was new in Northford High, it wasn’t that hard for Sky (Andrea Brillantes) to score genuine friendships there. There may be bullies, just like her half-siblings Z (Daniela Stranner) and Archie (Elijah Canlas), who made the life of her late twin sister Luna a complicated one when she was still alive, but she has still managed to conquer them – and even fought back at them.

Thankfully, Luna’s main friends Tim (Zaijian Jaranilla) and Roxy (Xyriel Manabat) have been there for Sky to help her with her plans, with getting even or clapping back to those who crossed them, and with her mission of finding the truth behind the mysterious demise of her beloved sister.

Sky, on the other hand, also does everything she can to return the kindness and friendship that they’ve given her by being there for them, especially in times of trouble. Just like recently when Tim and Roxy had a huge fight that put their romance to its sad end.

Team Resbak, Dirty Linen

They were indeed a force to reckon with when it came to the vengeance game. A group of people coming from different walks of life but united by one goal, Team Resbak truly amazed us with how they plotted and executed their revenge plans against the Fiero family, who are responsible for the unspeakable deaths of their loved ones who all worked for them many years ago.

Led by Rolan, a.k.a. Abe (Joel Torre), who initiated the formation of their group, fondly dubbed by ardent viewers “Team Resbak”, Alexa (Janine Gutierrez), Lala (Jennica Garcia), and Max (Christian Bables) really did amazing jobs in every mission they took on. Since they already lost their loved ones, they found a family in one another, to whom they confide and find solace whenever things get overwhelming. And just like every family or barkadahan, they also know how to bond and enjoy each other’s company whenever they are given the chance.

Apollo with allies, The Iron Heart

It might be arguably impossible for Apollo (Richard Gutierrez) to have constant friendships because of the kind of life that he has, but he was actually able to gain some along the way. 

First was Cassandra (Karina Bautista/Maja Salvador), who eventually became his girlfriend. Then he met Poseidon (Pepe Herrera) as he took on his first mission, Bungo (Mitoy Yonting) as he attempted to infiltrate the prison, Venus (Sue Ramirez) and Juno (Meryll Soriano) as he tapped them to help him with his mission, and Kules (Igi Boy Flores) as he went to Iloilo for a new mission. 

He actually got to meet other people on his journey who later on became his friends as they took on missions together, including the members of Tatsulok, the organization established by his estranged father Priam (Albert Martinez). 

Apollo’s friendships with them might not be as close-knit as the others, but we really admired how they were willing to put themselves on the line or go out of their way not just to fulfill their sworn duties, but to also help one another and the group. They might have differences and misunderstandings, just like what happened to him and Eros (Jake Cuenca), but they’re able to mend it in the end.

Which among these teleserye friendships endeared you the most, Kapamilya?