POLL: Alin sa mga nakaraang ABS-CBN Christmas ID ang nagbigay ng ligaya sa‘yo?

As soon as the Halloween season ended, some of us is probably just beginning our preparations for the upcoming holidays – from decking our abodes with Christmas decors, planning how and where we’re going to celebrate it, to listing down the people or groups who we’re going to give presents to, perhaps.

While the way we celebrate this merriest season of the year varies, there’s arguably one part of it that has remained constant – our excitement towards the Christmas IDs that ABS-CBN launches annually. Avid Kapamilya fans surely know that this tradition started in 2002 and goes on to capture our hearts through the years with timely hymns that inspire hope, peace, love, joy, and faith.

For this year, everyone is already looking forward to find out how the 2022 ABS-CBN Christmas ID will tug heartstrings through its melody and lyrics that are yet to be unveiled soon.



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And while we are all waiting to hear and see the full version after the teaser for “Tayo ang Ligaya ng Isa’t Isa” was released, you may revisit first the ABS-CBN Christmas IDs from 2002 up to 2021, and, at the same time, let us know through this Kapamilya Poll which among these warmed your hearts and left you with severe LSS (or last song syndrome) the most.



2021: “Andito Tayo Para Sa Isa’t Isa”

As the pandemic continues to take a toll on us – losing people dear to us and the means of livelihood that sustain us everyday – and made even more challenging by calamities that ravaged our country, it was easy for us to be shrouded by anxiety, fear, sadness, and even hate. But this Christmas ID is a great reminder that there’s definitely an end to these ordeals and sorrow as long as we continue to hope, pray, and be there for each other as one family.


2020: “Ikaw Ang Liwanag At Ligaya”

Stimulated by the resilience, determination, kindness, and faith radiated by our Kapamilyas, especially during the rage of the COVID-19 pandemic, this reminds us that despite the darkness that looms our lives, there’s certainly a light inside all of us that never goes out because we have God as the inexhaustible source. And because of the goodness He constantly instilled in us regardless of the situation we’re in, this also “inspires us to pass on His light to others until our collective light wins and brings us real joy.”


2019: “Family Is Forever”

In what seemed to be a grand retrospect of famed Christmas IDs of recent years, this exudes profound messages of generosity and forever love of family, with the touching unity of all Filipinos from different walks of life and nostalgic memoirs of that yearly Kapamilya tradition deeply embedded in our hearts. It sampled previous anthems, namely, “Bro, Ikaw Ang Star Ng Pasko” (2009), “Just Love” (2017), and “Family is Love” (2018).


2018: “Family Is Love”

In times of joy or despair, triumphs or trials, we all go back to where we feel love, comfort, acceptance and hope – our family. And that is what “Family Is Love” is all about. Together with almost 400 artists, Kapamilyas out there are definitely touched as we sing words of love and inspiration in this season of love as one family.


2017: “Just Love Ngayong Christmas”


A great reminder of how genuine love is all we need in making the world a better place, this Christmas ID presents snippets of real people sharing what they have to strangers, helping one another in times of distress, and showing hope and resilience through videos or photos that went viral online and touched the hearts of many people.


2016: “Isang Pamilya Tayo Ngayong Pasko”

This 2016 Christmas theme song reminds us that as long as we have God in our lives, our hopes and ambitions are going to be alive whatever hardships and challenges that may come our way. Besides, we will always be together as a family in pursuit of achieving our aspirations and goals.


2015: “Thank You For The Love”

For the first time, three of the most popular loveteams in the local entertainment scene that time – KathNiel, JaDine, and LizQuen – joined forces in singing this LSS-inducing hymn that speaks about love and thankfulness even amidst tribulations, challenges, and defeats.


2014: “Thank You, Ang Babait Ninyo”

Inspired by the colloquial Christmas jingle “Thank you, Ang Babait Ninyo”, this Christmas ID put a different flavor to the popular Christmas carol by injecting a deeper and evocative meaning to it. This reminds us to live a life of full gratitude, and to never forget to say thank you to people who have been the greatest blessings of our lives.


2013: “Magkasama Tayo Sa Kuwento Ng Pasko”

In celebration of the 60th anniversary of Philippine television, ABS-CBN put the audiences whose stories ignited the company's passion into the spotlight. This tells us that despite the distance, differences, and changes in our lives, our hearts and stories will always be united.


2012: “Lumiliwanag Ang Mundo Sa Kuwento Ng Pasko”

Drawing inspiration from the real, hapless events that devastated the country in the past years, this Christmas ID aims to give hope and cheer to every Filipino through its lyrics that remind us that we can be the source of light of other people in our own ways, especially in times of gloom.


2011: “Da Best Ang Pasko Ng Pilipino”

This showcases how Filipinos around the world uniquely celebrate Christmas, whether they are with their families or not. Despite the distance, families who were separated by miles and oceans were able to get connected through various means of communication.


2010: “Ngayong Pasko Magniningning Ang Pilipino”

Pinoy Christmas traditions truly shine bright in this Christmas ID. It reminds us that our innate values of love, unity, and dedication are the true sources of Pinoy pride. It also brings into forefront the various artists, organizations, teams, and performers, who made us proud to be Filipinos by showing their exemplary talents and skills to the world.


2009: “Bro, Ikaw Ang Star Ng Pasko

Undoubtedly the top favorite and most popular Christmas ID ever produced by ABS-CBN, this was inspired by that year’s top-rating primetime series May Bukas Pa. Following the devastating Typhoon Ondoy, the Kapamilya network launched an inspiring theme song that reminded Filipinos that no calamity can break the Filipino faith and resiliency, and that “Bro” will always be there as our guiding light.


2008: “May Katuparan Ang Hiling Sa Kapamilyang Kapiling”

The Kapamilya stars are once again the bida in this Christmas ID, in which they disclose their wishes, their fondest memories of the season, and the real essence of it for them. Answers may vary but it all boils down to the true meaning of the season – celebrating it with our family and loved ones, as well as granting wishes through a helping hand.


2007: “Walang Mag-iisa Ngayong Pasko”

Focusing on the sense of community among Filipinos here in the Philippines and abroad, ABS-CBN featured spoken messages from various Kapamilya personalities that did not just inspire us, but warmed our hearts as well.


2006: “Angat Ang Ligaya Ng Pasko”

Sung by OPM pop-rock band Orange and Lemons, this overly resonating and ever-timely Yuletide track reminds us that the true essence of Christmas is not the grandiose festivities, sumptuous food, and nice gifts, but Jesus Christ. Thus, we must celebrate it no matter what our life disposition is.


2005: “Magpasaya Ng Kapamilya”

This may be the shortest Christmas ID ever made by ABS-CBN, yet it’s overwhelming with ‘feels.’ The almost two-minute video shows the different simple ways on how we can show love and kindness to our loved ones and other people around us, as well as how we can make them happy, while the hummed version of APO Hiking Society’s “Himig ng Pasko” is played in the background. 


2004: “Sabay Tayo, Kapamilya”

The value for family is always put at the forefront of ABS-CBN Christmas IDs and 2004 is no different. And this song reminds us that despite our distance from our loved ones, our hearts will surely always be tied together by our genuine love for one another. It's also infused with a short rap by Gloc-9 that kindles the importance of having unity among us Filipinos.


2003: “DisyembRegalo”

Unlike the debut Christmas ID that had a song accompaniment, this featured the emotive voice of the late Comedy King Dolphy reiterating the true meaning of Christmas, which is selflessness and generosity. The more than two-minute video is a montage of Filipino Christmas traditions, such as hanging of lanterns, Simbang Gabi, and giving of gifts.


2002: “Isang Pamilya, Isang Puso Ngayong Pasko”

The first-ever Christmas ID of ABS-CBN featured not just the brightest young stars of that era, but also the biggest names in the industry, too. The anthem, which was sung by Carol Banawa together with a choir, reminded us that the world would be a better place if we only let love and kindness rule our hearts.

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