Most shocking, heartbreaking teleserye deaths in 2022

Death is a common trope in teleseryes. But it becomes totally shocking when it’s a beloved main character that dies and when the manner of killing off the character is too visually ‘gruesome. ‘ 

Here are the biggest and most trending deaths of a teleserye character in 2022. 

First on our list is Lolo Delfin (Jaime Fabregas)’s death in FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano which created a sobfest among viewers. It was devastating for so many reasons, one, his demise broke Cardo (Coco Martin)’s wings at the time Task Force Agila badly needed a strong figure to revive their courage. In addition to that, the manner of torture and killing was too ruthless for someone so devoted, pure-hearted, and not to mention physically old. 

To recall, he was double-crossed in a vulnerable position and tortured by Armando (John Estrada)’s army. While bloodied and struggling due to agonizing pain, the battle-hardened General managed to escape from the two henchmen guarding him and sacrificed himself to save Cardo from the traitors. It would be his final mission. He was able to kill several enemies, providing Cardo with a narrow escape. But in the end, Lolo Delfin died from a barrage of bullets thrown by the entire group of assassins. 

Viewers who wanted to avenge Lolo Delfin’s death found Armando’s comeuppance extremely satisfying. However, others found it too horrifying to watch. This particular episode garnered an all-time high concurrent viewership record of 367, 000 live viewers, plus wild reactions on different social media platforms. In the scene, which commenced from a crossfire, Task Force Agila caught up with Armando, who tried to escape via vehicle in the dunes. 

Armando regained consciousness and found himself trapped, with his arms outstretched and tied to two vehicles. Cardo’s men drove the vehicles in reverse, tearing off Armando’s arms from his body. Then, driving the third vehicle, Cardo hit the villain’s amputated body. 

Walang bidang namamatay or that the main heroes have to live until the finale is a common assumption among Pinoy teleserye viewers, which FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano broke when the Task Force Agila has fallen in the line of duty. No one could have anticipated the Agilas would suffer from torture, let alone die in their final mission. Moreover, the creatives made sure these heroic deaths would haunt viewers, enough to open their eyes to the realities of injustices in society.  

Roxanne (Shaina Magdayao) was sexually assaulted in front of her lover Viktor (Raymart Santiago), who was also killed on the spot. James (Jay Gonzaga) was tied to a tree and died of stab wounds. Jerome (John Prats), Rigor (Marc Solis), Martial (Smugglaz), and Dante (Bassilyo) were treated like animals, beaten up until their bones are crushed, and executed in cold blood. Diana (Angel Aquino), Ramil (Michael De Mesa), Billy (John Medina), Greco (Sancho delas Alas), and Patrick (CJ Ramos) fought until their final breath. 

Mars Ravelo’s Darna likewise showed that even superheroes can die, too, when Leonor (Iza Calzado) aka the First Darna perished while saving the mortals. It’s worth noting that Leonor died in human form, in front of her kids, which made it an even sharper development in the story.

After years in hiding, Leonor has been found by the villains from Marte and was forced to fight them in human form after Narda took the white stone with her. When Narda arrived at the scene, Leonor asked her daughter to swallow the white stone, so she can transform into Darna. However, Narda reluctantly tossed it to her mother, but not fast enough to evade a fatal shot that instantly turned Leonor into flaming ashes. 

Next is Coleen (Rans Rifol)’s bitter, lonely death in A Family Affair which touched on the consequences of cheating in a relationship and mental health conditions. In the scene, Coleen was seen trembling with anxiety thinking her husband Seb (Jake Ejercito) is spending time with his paramour again. The nasty, humiliating comments she heard after Seb and his mistress Florabelle (Claire Ruiz)’s video scandal spread across General Luna replayed like demons in her head. The next morning, Seb went home to his wife’s lifeless body.  

Because of her strong chemistry with Richard Gutierrez aka Apollo, Maja Salvador’s exit as Cassandra in The Iron Heart left viewers devastated. In the scene, Cassandra was caught in the deadly shootout initiated by Priam (Albert Martinez)’s Tatsulok to avenge his son’s death. Apart from well-choreographed, Cassandra’s dying moment was full of emotions and love as Apollo carried her in his arms, making it all the more heartbreaking. 

Although not a death scene per se, Susan Roces’ farewell as Lola Flora in the final chapter of FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano was utterly painful. Due to the actress’ passing in real life, Cardo would learn in the finale episode that all the Agilas were gone, and so too was Lola Flora. Cardo and his family then visited Lola Flora’s grave, interspersed with a montage of her previous scenes that served as a tribute to the late veteran actress. 

Which of these teleserye deaths shocked and tore your hearts the most, Kapamilya?