Maricel and Nadine's collab finally happens – and they conquer a horror house

Maricel Soriano and Nadine Lustre exuded comedic chemistry in their much-requested collaboration. As uploaded on Maricel’s vlog, the two bonded by conquering a horror house. While they looked terrified for real, we viewers just enjoyed watching, amazed by the fact that the two superstars are together on screen!

The Diamond Star commenced the video by introducing her special guest, whom she described as “maganda na, best actress pa.” And by the moment she appeared on cam, Nadine’s first words were, “Uwi na tayo, Inay!” She looked completely scared, but Maricel was there to make her feel braver like a mom would. 

The horror house was composed of corridors featuring mostly popular characters from thriller films. And while this vlog was meant to fuel our nightmares, it turned out delightful because of the tandem’s funny antics.

They had a ‘bleep’ counter that tallies their unfiltered reactions and a special ‘palo’ counter that recorded how many times Maricel swatted the ghosts off with her fan. At some point, Nadine even dared the two ghosts to a dance showdown and retouched her makeup when she saw a mirror. Of course, the scare fest wouldn’t be complete without Nadine telling the ghosts, “Amaccana accla!” She even said “hello” to a red-haired creature. 

This vlog was such a treat! And to fans who are manifesting a project between the two power actresses, this could be the sign.