Tara, G newest teen barkada series

The newest teen barkada that will capture the hearts of today’s youth is here as Anthony Jennings, Daniela Stranner, Kaori Oinuma, JC Alcantara, Vivoree Esclito, CJ Salonga, and Zach Castañeda explore love, friendship, and aspirations in iWantTFC’s newest original series, “Tara, G!”

Get to know Team WISE or “Walang Iwanan Sa Ere,” a group of hopeful teenagers whose ultimate dream is to bring back the pride and glory of the simple town of La Guerta by cultivating coffee which they export and market as beans and coffee wine.

Meet Rocky (Anthony), the charming and ever-reliable leader of the pack; Legs (Kaori), the smart and caring darling; Dan (JC), a handsome smooth talker who has feelings for Legs; Jengjeng (Vivoree), a sweet and ‘kikay’ girl with big dreams; Will (Zach), the funny, go-to-guy and protective brother of Smith (CJ), who is the genius one in the barkada.

As they navigate their way to adulthood, Team WISE will encounter challenges along the way, including the arrival of Cars (Daniela), a beautiful yet narcissistic rich girl. Cars will bring chaos to La Guerta when she gets drunk and accidentally breaks shelves of coffee wine bottles that Team WISE worked so hard on.

The solid friendship of Team WISE will also be put to the test when romantic feelings get in the way of their relationship. Aside from Dan’s jealousy over Rocky and Legs’ closeness, it appears that Rocky will also start to fall for Cars.

When problems seem to be adding up, the adults of La Guerta see this as an opportunity to convince Team WISE that their hometown is not a place for their dreams and that they just have to learn how to settle for less or move to a bigger and better town.

Despite the struggles and conflict, Team WISE is out to prove everyone wrong as they band together and fight to achieve their dreams.

Will Team WISE learn how to get along with Cars? Will their friendship remain intact as they try to bring back the glory of La Guerta?

Tara G

“Tara, G!” is directed by Direk Cathy Camarillo and it will stream on the iWantTFC app (iOs and Android) and website (iwanttfc.com) beginning on October 7. The series is also available for premium subscribers outside of the Philippines.

Viewers can also find out how Team WISE started in the wattpad prequel, “Summer Camp,” which was written by Tina Lata.  

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