Fractured Story Conference

Francine Diaz and Seth Fedelin aka FranSeth, are set to headline another project to follow their currently-airing series Dirty Linen. Titled “Fractured,” it’s not your typical rom-com drama show, as we learned during the Story Conference graced by the cast members and creative team. If you’re curious about it, here’s a video clip that reveals what you can expect from the series.



1. FranSeth will be reunited with their Dirty Linen co-stars Jennica Garcia and Raven Rigor. They will be joined by a roster of talents from Rise Artists Studio including Jeremiah Lisbo, Kaori Oinuma, and Daniela Stranner, with Sean Tristan.

2. The cast members will be stuck on an island for filming, which is why they are all excited about the bonding moments that await them. As Francine puts it, “Alam naman po natin na behind every mabigat na show or series, laging masaya off-cam.” The stars are also looking forward to working with FranSeth and learning from each other.

Fractured storycon FranSeth
Fractured storycon Jennica Garcia

3. It tackles the dangers of social media. “It’s a reflection of our society kung saan very image-conscious ang mga tao, exposed sa social media. Pero in the end, ano ba ang tunay na nagma-matter? Paano ‘pag tinanggal itong social media, ano ‘yung totoong ikaw pag walang naktingin,” explained by director Thop Nazareno.

Fractured storycon
Fractured storycon Jeremiah Kaori

4. It is a mix of drama and coming-of-age story tropes seasoned with a thriller vibe. The cast members guaranteed that viewers will be hooked on the plot twists and struck by realizations.” It’s a group teenage movie with deep meanings talaga,” Daniela hinted. At the core of the narrative is the question:  “Are you going to stay fractured or are you going to come out alive and healed?”

Fractured storycon cast

5. “Fractured” is written by John Bedia and Lawrence Nicodemus. It is produced by ABS-CBN Entertainment, Dreamscape Entertainment, and KreativDen, and will be released via iWantTFC soon.