Awra gets “vice” tattoo

Ardent fans of It’s Showtime host Vice Ganda know that even though he doesn’t have kids of his own yet, he has found several anak-anakans – or those he considers as his children – in showbiz. And one of them is former child star Awra Briguela, who appeared in his latest two-part vlog. 

In the first vlog, they bonded over cooking spaghetti and started talking about Awra’s career plans and how she has been after the highly talked about controversy that she got into last year, as well as her takeaways from that experience. 

Their insightful and emotional chikahan continued in the second part of the vlog wherein the Unkabogable Star recounted how Awra’s father reached out to him during that time not to ask him to bail his child out of jail immediately, but to let her stay there as he wanted her to experience how difficult life is behind bars and for her to realize the repercussions of her actions. Instead of getting mad, Awra is grateful that he did it as she’s able to appreciate the presence and love of her family, with whom she got emotionally detached after moving out for six months. She is thankful that they constantly stayed by her just to make sure that she was alright and assured her that everything’s going to be fine. 

While her relationship with her siblings has been doing okay, it’s a totally different story for her and her father as she admitted not being on totally good terms with him until now. “Ang swerte-swerte ko sa mga kapatid ko kasi after what happened, hindi naman din kami naging okay ni Papa. Even now, hindi pa rin kami totally okay ni Papa pero we’re getting better naman siguro po,” she admitted.

Then she added, “Feeling ko talaga, it will take us a lot of time pa bago kami maging okay sa isa’t isa kasi nga may mga time siguro na wala akong courage na lumapit sa kanya or mag-open sa kanya kasi hindi niya rin naman ako binibigyan ng sign or ‘di ko nararamdaman ‘yong tapang ko.”

This prompted Vice to remind her that the real measure of true courage is not how she projects herself on the outside or how fierce she can fight during altercations, but how brave she is in confronting her own issues and her embarrassment and hesitations, as well as in telling her family how she really feels, in asking for forgiveness, in humbling herself, in embracing the people to whom she has bad blood with, and in showing her kindness and love. 

The Unkabogable Star then went on to share the biggest realization that Awra picked up from that experience that she admired the most, which is whatever happens to her, it will always be her family who remains by her side. Awra added that it also reminded her that not everything will go her way or be in her favor, which her beloved Meme Vice seconded by telling her to always think of the repercussions of her actions and decisions, as well as be picky with the people that she chooses to allow into her life. At the same time, she also needs to get along well with others so that good relationships are not going to be put to waste.

Awra also confessed that she actually got angry with herself because of what happened. She realized that it was all her fault since she indeed changed, which she didn’t really like. Besides, she has not forgiven herself yet, disclosing that it will only be possible once she’s able to redeem herself. But Vice told her that he knows that she is not a bad person, and that’s why he never left her and promised that he would never ever do so.

“Nagkamali ka lang just like anyone else, kaya patawarin mo na ang sarili mo. Patawarin mo na ang sarili mo dahil may mga pagkakataon na naging mahina ka. Hindi ikaw ‘yong isang malaking pagkakamali mo, hindi ‘yon lang ikaw. Hindi si Awra ang equivalent ng isang malaking pagkakamali. Si Awra ay suma ng lahat-lahat ng mga ginawa niya, kasama doon ‘yong mga tama, mabuti, at maganda,” Vice reminded Awra which got her emotional.

The Unkabogable Star then went on to relate his own experience with what happened to Awra and advised her to continue loving herself and forgiving herself whenever she makes a mistake because she is definitely not only what the society has defined her. He also reiterated how much he loves her and his promise to never forsake her. 

When asked what she would want to tell people whom she disappointed, Awra expressed, “Gusto kong humingi ng sorry sa [disappointment] na binigay ko sa inyo. Sorry kung na-disappoint ko kayo. Huwag n’yong gagayahin ‘yong ginawa ko, hindi alak ang solusyon sa problema at lalong-lalo na hindi dapat tinatakbuhan ang problema.” And now, she’s slowly moving forward by starting to find the things she loves and do the things that make her happy.

Vice divulged that he actually prohibited her from going on gimmicks for almost a year and she only drank alcohol occasionally, such as during his birthday celebration last April held in Nueva Ecija wherein he invited her in order to make her feel happy again. He also recalled how she made him cry during her party when she showed him her new tattoo, which is his screen name “Vice” written on the side of her left hand, as he appreciated it so much. 

The It’s Showtime host reminded her to value herself and always get up every time she falls. Other people may not give her second chances, but what matters most is she gives it to herself because God blesses us with brand-new opportunities every day that we wake up. He also reminded her that no matter what happens, she is loved. 

Their insightful and heartwarming conversation capped off with Vice comparing spaghetti with life. “Kahit akala mo alam na alam mo na ang pagluluto ng spaghetti, magugulat ka isang araw parang iba ‘yong lasa. It’s the same ingredients na ginamit ko. Kung minsan wala naman talagang nagbago sa spaghetti mo pero dahil iba ‘yong panlasa ng tumikim, kaya iba ‘yong dating sa kanya. And you have so many, so many chances na naghihintay sa’yo ka si nga bata ka pa.”  
The ‘mother-and-daughter’ tandem then sang a duet of the Apo Hiking Society classic hit “Batang-Bata Ka Pa” while their photos together through the years were flashed on the screen, and exchanged “I love yous” as they embraced.