Thrilling, explosive one-on-one clashes of Cardo with his enemies in FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano

In the past seven years, FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano has consistently filled our weeknight primetime viewing with suspenseful action scenes that indeed made our hearts race and brought us to the edge of our seats.

And as it approaches its exciting “Ang Pambansang Pagtatapos,” let’s revisit some of the most thrilling and explosive scenes of our modern-day fictional hero Cardo Dalisay (Coco Martin) as he single-handedly faced his notorious enemies, through this feature!

First on this list is Mr. Philip Tang, the leader of an international child trafficking syndicate played by Richard Yap. As his twin brother Ador failed to capture him prior to his untimely death, Cardo made sure to accomplish his unfinished business by killing Mr. Tang during their intense one-on-one battle.

Cardo was then able to save Ritz Azul’s character Erica Nobleza from Raul Toribio, portrayed by Jess Lapid Jr., who almost made her suffer the same plight as her sister Cristina (Inah Estrada), who he raped and murdered.

He may not be a father yet in the first season of FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano, but we got to witness how Cardo stood as one to Onyok (Xymon Pineda). As the little boy went home crying after being hit on the head by a butcher, Cardo didn’t hesitate in confronting him and teaching him his lesson the hard way when he provoked him.

His shenanigans with his best friend and ever-reliable sidekick Benny, played by Pepe Herrera, were also unforgettable. In one of their secret missions, he saved Benny from being beaten up by the extremely tall man named Totoy Layug (Bonel Balingit). And just like what happened during the battle between David and Goliath, Cardo was able to topple down the giant.

With his Lola Flora’s (Susan Roces) life at stake, Cardo didn’t have to think twice in sacrificing himself just to save her from being killed by the debauch and ruthless Mayor Anton Guerrero played by Victor Neri. Being morally upright that she was, Lola Flora, who was once hailed the “kapitana” of their barangay, highly objected the politician’s illegal gambling activities at their barangay, which incited him to retaliate by kidnapping her.

Our mighty policeman then had a nail-biting gun fight and car chase with PS/Insp. Hector Mercurio (Cesar Montano), the gunman hired by Tomas (Albert Martinez) and his father-in-law Don Emilio (Eddie Garcia) to kill Cardo’s grandfather General Delfin Borja (Jaime Fabregas) as he continues to investigate their unlawful business.

We also saw the bloody skirmish between our beloved protagonist and Eric Maniego, a mentally-ill man who sought to avenge the death of his brother Edwin (James Blanco) after being killed by Cardo during an encounter – which he got to witness, too.Even though he’s an honorable policeman, it can be recalled that Cardo experienced getting incarcerated a

fter PS/Insp. Joaquin S. Tuazon (Arjo Atayde) and Don Emilio framed him up for illegal drug possession. Tomas made him further suffer inside the prison as he put his life in danger countless times with the help of their inmates who he hired to do it for him.

From figuring in a bloody fisticuff with one of the prisoners (Carlos Morales), Cardo also battled it out with Tomas, which led to the latter’s demise after being fatally pierced by a metal in the chest.

Cardo once got involved in a commotion inside the jail after he attempted to stop Director Guillermo Acosta (Dindo Arroyo) from whipping, which ensued to a chaotic rumble between the convicts and jail officers.

As he got emancipated after his innocence was proven, Cardo had an encounter with one of Joaquin’s henchmen, who pleaded Cardo to not kill him since his kids were still young. Being kindhearted that he is, Cardo heeded to the goon’s plea and believed him as he also confessed that it was Joaquin who’s the culprit behind the terrible things that had happened to him.

Our favorite primetime hero finally came face-to-face with Joaquin on the very day that he and Alyana (Yassi Pressman) tied the knot. Their thrilling fistfight amidst the pouring rain and on the mud was indeed full of suspense, especially when Joaquin was able to shoot Cardo on his lower left chest that made us think that it could already be the end of him. But Cardo was able to turn things around and it was Joaquin who died in the end.

Just when we thought that the lives of Cardo and his family would finally be at peace after the death of his archnemesis Joaquin, more battles were actually waiting for him. It started off with the tragic demise of his son Ricky Boy during the bombing at a mall. Not in service anymore, Cardo sought justice by himself with the help of his friends he met in prison – calling themselves Vendetta.

As they sought refuge in the secluded Sitio Sto. Niño, they didn’t only gain new allies, but enemies, too. One of them was Tanggol (Joross Gamboa), who also tried to steal Alyana from him. Fueled by his jealousy upon seeing Alyana sweet dancing with Tanggol, Cardo pulled a fight with him during a gathering.

Ultimately, Cardo came face-to-face with Homer “Alakdan” Adlawan (Jhong Hilario), a former member of the Pulang Araw rebel group who eventually joined the Kamandag faction led by Renato Hipolito (John Arcilla), the terrorist group behind the mall bombing that claimed the life of Ricky Boy. After a slew of intense encounters, Cardo finally attained the justice he was seeking as he was able to kill Alakdan.

After the deaths of his son-in-law and grandson, Don Emilio resurfaced as Gustavo, the founding member of a drug syndicate. Cardo was able to kill him in one of their intense clashes.

As Cardo and Vendetta, later on dubbed Task Force Agila, were reinstated in the police force, they went head-to-head with Dante “Bungo” S. Madarang (Baron Geisler) – the leader of a robbery syndicate that stole money from banks and murdered several people, too. Out of anger, Cardo was almost unstoppable in throwing punches on him after he was able to pin him on the ground.

Just when they thought that they’ve found a new ally in First Lady Lily Ann Hidalgo (Lorna Tolentino), Vendetta found themselves wrong after Cardo discovered that Lemuel Pineda, one of their bedspacers who they warmly welcomed and even befriended, was an undercover of Lily and Renato in their pursuit of infiltrating Vendetta and Cardo’s family.

Task Force Agila then sought refuge at the childhood home of Alyana in the province as they hid from Lily’s forces and other crime groups after a “kill order” was posted against them. There, they met Lito Valmoria (Richard Gutierrez), Alyana’s childhood friend and former sweetheart who also provided job for them.

What was supposed to be a peaceful stay became action-packed, as Cardo didn’t stop in fighting for what he believes in is right and for those who couldn’t fend for themselves. For instance, he confronted one of the farm workers who intentionally hit Macoy (Seth Fedelin) in the head, and even threw punches at him and his friends who attempted to meddle.

He didn’t only have skirmishes with big bad men, but also with the femme fatale P/Capt. Lia Mante (Jane de Leon), one of the leaders of the Black Ops to whom he had a thrilling gunfight before they became allies.

Cardo then had a fistfight with Lucas (Joseph Marco), one of Armando’s (John Estrada) henchmen who was initially one of those who were against the idea of Task Force Agila staying with them in the mansion. Besides, Lucas also perceived Cardo as his rival in the heart of Mara (Julia Montes). His older brother Samuel (Michael Flores) tried to help him upon seeing that he’s being defeated by Cardo, but to no avail.

And lastly, we surely would not miss the nail-biting clash between Cardo and Lito that we’d been for so long. Despite being severely wounded, our mighty protagonist still mustered the strength to fight, and eventually defeated him.

Which among the fights of Cardo hyped you up the most? Watch out for more intense scenes and thrilling combats as FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano approaches its “Ang Pambansang Pagtatapos,” weeknights on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, A2Z and iWantTFC.