FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano: 10 heartwarming scenes of Lolo Delfin as Cardo’s guide, comfort & strength

Cardo Dalisay (Coco Martin)’s life may be full of obstacles but he’s able to take on this arduous path with resilience, thanks to Lolo Delfin (Jaime Fabregas)’s generous wisdom that serve as his guiding light. In this Kapamilya Toplist, we rounded up scenes of Lolo Delfin giving Cardo clearer perspective, strength, and comfort through his timeless words of advice in FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano.

In times of tragedy, Lolo Delfin is there to ensure the loss doesn’t devour Cardo’s disposition. He renewed Cardo’s faith in God when Ricky Boy’s death due to a terrorist bombing laced the grieving father’s heart with anger and regrets. He told him not to blame himself and the Man above, and that his family, especially Alyana (Yassi Pressman), needed him stronger than ever.

Lolo Delfin is Cardo’s ultimate role model for being a good cop. One reason his pieces of advice are easier to accept is because he lives by example. He’d always remind Cardo to be slow to anger in order to avoid putting his comrades’ lives on the line. When Cardo trained for SAF to join the team hunting down the mastermind behind the bombing attack, Lolo Delfin stressed that the role of a policeman is to serve and not to avenge.

He reprimands Cardo when needed such as after he disobeyed the protocols hoping to save more lives during an operation. He wanted to teach him patience, fairness, and discipline. One of his constant reminders to Cardo is to control his anger before it controls him.

Lolo Delfin is Cardo’s inspiration in keeping a positive reputation. “Kailangan mong gawin ang lahat para maibalik ang dignidad at magandang pangalan ng ating pamilya na matagal nating pinagka-ingat-ingatan,” he told him. So when Lolo Delfin was faced with charges due to evidences planted by Renato (John Arcilla) and Lily (Lorna Tolentino), Cardo worked hard to clear their name.

Besides his nuggets of wisdom about honor and career, Lolo Delfin also passes on the best marital advice to Cardo. When he noticed Cardo and Alyana’s problems, he asked him  to fix the cracks while he can, “Ang bilis ng takbo ng oras. ‘Pag lumipas ‘yan, hindi na maibabalik ‘yan.”  He told him that time running out will only lead to regrets.

He’s there every time a new chapter in Cardo’s life opens. They moved to Ilocos after Alyana’s death and a skirmish at their old safe house. While Cardo was disheartened by the series of misfortunes, Lolo Delfin breathed him courage, saying, “Gayahin natin ang dagat, Cardo. Sabayan natin ang agos. Hayaan mong dalhin niya tayo kung saan niya tayo gustong dalhin. Napakalawak ng lugar. Hindi tayo dapat mawalan ng pag-asa.” No matter how hazy the future seems, Lolo Delfin is sure that God will provide all their needs including the right people.

They also shared a heartfelt conversation when Lolo Delfin apologized after his friend’s betrayal. He felt guilty for sacrificing the team to protect Lola Flora (Susan Roces) from the enemies. But Cardo was quick to soothe his grandpa’s bad feelings. He loves him so much he’s willing to give up his own life in saving him.

The final scene shows one of Lolo Delfin and Cardo’s last conversations before heading to one of their biggest battles at Don Ignacio (Tommy Abuel)’s art exhibit that will gather all the major characters in the story. Cardo, with hints of despair on his face, asked Lolo Delfin to be wary and protect himself. Lolo Delfin, however, seems ready whatever fate awaits him. “Medyo matanda na ako. Huwag mo akong alalahanin. Ikaw ang mag-ingat. Mas marami ka pang magagawang kabutihan para sa bansa natin. Ikaw ang mag-ingat,” he told Cardo before they wrapped each other in an embrace.

Will Cardo and Lolo Delfin manage to keep their promises to each other? Don’t miss out on the impending war in the next episodes of the hit action-drama series FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano, aired weeknights, on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and A2Z.