15 times the brilliant cast of “2 Good 2 Be True” ripped our hearts with their dramatic scenes

How can 2 Good 2 Be True not leave us in a pool of tears when it tackles family, friendships, and something as heartbreaking as Alzheimer’s disease? Although rom-com by nature, the KathNiel series delivered some painful moments and made us cry happy tears as well, and for sure, the finale episode will bring buckets of ‘feels’.

Before we say goodbye to our favorite show, let us recall 15 of its most tearjerker scenes via this Kapamilya Toplist.

The video montage opens with Tox (Gillian Vicencio) thanking Eloy (Daniel Padilla) for helping in her father Ben (Earl Ignacio)’s hospitalization, although they got the money by robbing Tara (Jenny Miller) in a hotel. Sooner, he would have to face the consequences of his actions, which broke Lola Heart (Irma Adlawan)'s heart.

Well, any scene that has Lola Heart in it speaks of the warmth of a grandmother’s love, but the scene where she found out Eloy’s crime was a major cry fest. She berated him as a typical grandma would react yet promised to help him legally because nothing can make her love him any less. All she wants is for Eloy to own up to his mistakes. 

Lolo Hugo (Ronaldo Valdez)’s heavy scenes are guaranteed tearjerkers, such as when he broke down reminiscing his life with Olivia. We bet you wanted to hug Lolo Sir when he said losing his beloved woman was painful enough but soon he’d be losing their beautiful memories as well due to his sickness. He might be powerful and wealthy but nothing can fill the void left by a lost loved one. Also, it’s the intensity of Ronaldo’s acting that made this scene soul-crushing.

Sometimes living with a big heart for other people means you’re easily hurt for them. After helping Captain Rosales (Cris Villanueva) investigate the hotel heist, for which Eloy was arrested, Ali carried the guilt, so she visited him in prison to apologize.

As if that wasn’t enough, she recognized Fred (Romnick Sarenta) as the driver who almost hit Margie (Gelli de Belen) on the night her father left. She saw the vehicle crash after avoiding them, so she thought they caused the accident. Eloy told her to forgive herself, saying none of it was her fault.

When Margie found out, she visited Fred in jail to let out the guilt and the way Gelli delivered the dramatic scene made us bawl. Then, Fred explained that the accident was due to brake sabotage.

Mother-child relationships are tried-and-tested elements in teleseryes but 2 Good 2 Be True also explored a father’s struggles and regrets. We saw that in Lolo Hugo, who redeemed himself by owning up to his bad decision and being a good grandpa to Eloy as a way of making it up to his daughter. There was also a scene where he told Eloy to come back to Fred because no matter what happens, family must stick with each other.

Ali’s character likewise carried emotional baggage having been abandoned by his father Joey (Keempee de Leon) as a child, hence the strong emotions when he showed up after more than a decade. A flashback scene reveals she caught him cheating with his second family. In another, the mistress stormed to their house and accused Margie of stealing Joey. The chaos ended with Margie showing her marriage certificate proving that she is the legal wife.

Joey’s reappearance shattered the peace and happiness that Ali and Margie worked hard for, wreaking havoc in their already quiet life. Margie cried it out to Kap Rosales in one scene, saying she is proud of the woman that Ali has become despite the pain and bitterness her estranged father brought into her life.

Kathryn ripped our hearts in the scene where she refused to listen to her father’s explanation, not even a bit convinced when he said he loves his daughter. With beautiful tears running down her cheeks, Ali said love never gets tired and love never leaves.

The recent episodes leading to the finale week revealed the cause of Helena (Gloria Diaz)’s deep-seated resentment toward her brother Hugo. Flashback scenes recalled that Helena was left by her fiancé due to Lolo Hugo’s decisions about their family business. And when Helena was in a life-or-death situation, Hugo chose to save Helena over the baby in her womb. Holding on to anger truly destroyed their lives. Fortunately, Lolo Hugo was redeemed by the unconditional love shown by his grandson Eloy and the people who raised him well.

Sharing the same love for Eloy, Fred and Lolo Hugo slowly learned to let go of the past. That scene of Fred watching Eloy’s speech on his phone and showing it to Miriam (Mickey Ferriol)’s photo captured what it’s like to heal from pain and bitterness.

Which scene hit your emotions the hardest?

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