15 scenes showing Ronaldo Valdez’s perfection as Lolo Sir in “2 Good 2 Be True “

The sharp acting skills and endearing charisma of veteran actor Ronaldo Valdez did not fade despite being in the industry for over five decades. Proof is his 2 Good 2 Be True character Lolo Hugo or Lolo Sir becoming a household name. We couldn’t imagine any other actor blessing us with a portrayal so riveting not only did he make us cry, but also compelled us to ponder the meaning of life.

He delivered a powerful portrait of a business tycoon with Alzheimer’s disease and a broken soul redeemed by love and forgiveness. Kapamilya Toplist honors his intense work by rounding up his best moments as Hugo Agcaoili in 2 Good 2 Be True.

Most of the series’ monumental scenes rest on Ronaldo’s shoulders like his first ‘demented episode’ that involved hallucinations, seeing and hearing his daughter Hannah (Michelle Vito)’s fury. Hannah’s identity puzzled viewers until Lolo Hugo stormed to Eloy (Daniel Padilla)’s house and saw Hannah’s photos as an adult (Mickey Ferriols) displayed all over the place, so he looked for her, only to be told that even Eloy is searching for something – justice for his parents. 

Building up from the revelations in the previous scene, Lolo Hugo erupted into tears and bitterness as he received a copy of Hannah’s death certificate from Lolo Bart (Bodjie Pascua) and Atty. Jimmy (Leo Rialp). The flashbacks mixed with the present conflict, setting up another intense episode of Lolo Hugo’s delirium. There was Ali (Kathryn Bernardo) to comfort him, but even her presence wasn’t enough to soothe the anguished whimpering triggered by pain and family trauma amassed over the past decades. Heartbreaking.

While his amazing dialogues are always a welcome treat, sometimes he moves us with scenes that speak louder than words. The monumental episode where Eloy and Ali found him in his old house demonstrating the dance Eloy learned from his mother was mesmerizing for its quiet sentimentality. There was Lolo Hugo, in a state of illusion, slow dancing with his beloved Hannah while Eloy watched in bewilderment, then saw his mother’s photos kept by Lolo Sir.

Emotions collapsed in the next scene where Lolo Hugo realized he was found by Hannah’s child. Just when Eloy thought he'll be disowned, Lolo Hugo apologized and acknowledged him as his grandson, and, for the first time, Eloy called him “Lolo.”  Scenes like these are guaranteed tearjerkers and it becomes all the more a cathartic experience once Ronaldo steps in. 

The luminary found his perfect match in Kathryn, who was more than capable of keeping on par with his dramatic brilliance. One of his most outstanding performances in the series is when he appointed Ali as his legal guardian. Ronaldo’s unfading magic was made for such touching moments. There was heartwarming sincerity when he called Ali “family,” saying he will only entrust his life to family, and at the moment, nobody made him feel truly loved and cared for but her. Then, Kathryn emulated the veteran star’s truthful delivery with a shower of tears. It was beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time, especially when Lolo Hugo acknowledged that soon he will no longer function properly, hence leaving himself under Ali’s care. It was such a masterpiece that made us want to meditate on what and who truly matters.  

The scenes leading up to Lolo Hugo’s reconciliation with Fred (Romnick Sarmenta) pinched the hearts of the viewers as one has to man up while the other needs to forgive. At the police station, Lolo Hugo showed up to face his daughter’s husband, who he previously despised, to explain and apologize. Swallowing his pride must only mean he loves Hannah so much.

At home, he asked Fred about Hannah. You could see the pain he endures thinking Hannah will come home and when he begged for assurance that Hannah lived a happy life.

He’s the man. The next events felt especially hopeful, such as the refreshing scene where the power trio – Lolo Hugo, Ali, and Eloy – enjoyed a picnic date. Like a love letter to the young generation, Ronaldo muses on what keeps him alive, which is that despite his past, he found love and redemption in the people around him.

The veteran actor has truly given Lolo Sir the justice he deserves.

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