15 scenes of Eloy and Ali in “2 Good 2 Be True” that brought us all the ‘feels’

One of the best parts about 2 Good 2 Be True is getting all the ‘feels’ from Eloy (Daniel Padilla) and Ali (Kathryn Bernardo)’s all-conquering love. They made us believe that true happiness still exists despite all the ‘budol’ in the world. So, in this Kapamilya Toplist, we relive all the times they made us most ‘kilig.’ Be ready to feel the butterflies all over again!

KathNiel knows how to build up excitement like when their characters almost kissed with Ali rushing to Eloy’s place and finding out he lied about his identity. Annoyed by his confident display of charisma, she tried to hit him but only to be pulled in closer. Her only choice then was to double her 'taray' mode to cover up for the embarrassment or maybe deny his effect on her.

Things got more exciting when Eloy moved into Lolo Hugo (Ronaldo Valdez)’s mansion as a mechanic. A suspicious Ali met him at the door, bringing a pinch of sensuality into this funny scene of her trying to frisk his pockets. With his daring stares, she moved her hands lower and thankfully gave up just before shippers run out of air. She just let him pass and warned him to behave well inside the mansion. If one of them makes a mistake, then they’d both be in trouble, she said, like they’re package deal, he retorted and  then added, “Basta walang sisihan ‘pag na-in love ka kakatingin.” 

Status: frenemies! Deep inside, they care for each other despite their cat-dog dynamic. When Ali fainted due to fatigue, it was Eloy who rushed her to the hospital. She woke up and made jokes about smelling longganisa from his breath.

Lolo Hugo’s mansion turns quiet at night, as if it’s made for slow dancing, thus Eloy and Ali found the perfect chance to practice for an upcoming corporate party. He played the music, moved an inch closer, and grabbed her by the hand and waist. They just let themselves get carried away by each step. Is there anything more heartfelt than this?

Well, if you can’t find someone to slow dance with, you might have better luck finding ‘suman-yakap’ and just like Eloy, get a special hug, too. In this scene, Ali hugged Eloy him for bringing the suman-yakap she promised Lolo Hugo and Helena (Gloria Diaz). More than the hug, it’s heart-melting how he became her savior.

You know things are getting more serious when you get close to the person and realize something has changed. When the two got stuck in an unfamiliar place trying to search for the Lolo trio, Eloy had the guts to tell Ali “gusto kita” and it was the sweetest, purest confession we have witnessed.

The healthy courtship that followed was served with a string of ‘kilig’ moments, too, such as when she prepared breakfast and coffee for him, then, used her fingers to wipe off the coffee froth on his lips. Which made you feel more awake, Eloy? Is it the coffee or Ali’s sweet gesture?

It was a slow-burn romance for the beloved characters and we think it was just the perfect pace for them to correct their bad first impressions of each other. Ali warmed our hearts when she made their relationship official with a shy confession.

Their friends would insist that a couple isn’t official unless they have each other’s photo as wallpaper. Unhappy about her unflattering photo on his phone, she quested for new couple selfies, with which he obliged. Ali was stunned when Eloy kissed her on the cheek for the last take. As for us, we got plenty of butterflies just looking at how gorgeous they are together. 

If we could make a Best Boyfie Award, we’d give it to Eloy, who despite his busy schedule as a CEO, managed to surprise Ali with food delivery to make sure she eats on time.

He also prepared a surprise treat at Lolo Hugo’s mansion to celebrate Ali getting notified for an interview by her dream medical school. We can smile all day watching how proud they are of each other and it’s a welcome bonus whenever he tries to get more kisses from her but Ali is too shy because everyone is watching.

When he accidentally exchanged the necklace for Ali with Tino (Hyubs Azarcon)’s gift for Chubs (Via Antonio), Ali assured him that she will appreciate anything he gives because what matters is their love for each other. It was so pure it made us want to cry happy tears.

We end this Toplist with the girlfriend scolding the boyfriend for putting himself in trouble. Eloy used his charisma to make Ali feel better, comparing themselves to inseparable things like ‘bagoong at kare-kare.’ It was such an adorable moment that Lolo Hugo couldn’t help but eavesdrop on the conversation.

Haay. Eloy and Ali deserve a happily ending! Watch the finale of 2 Good 2 Be True on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and A2Z.