10 scenes of Fred as a loving father to Eloy in “2 Good 2 Be True”

Some LoyAl shippers might be disappointed with Fred (Romnick Sarmenta)’s decisions that affect his son Eloy (Daniel Padilla), but as a parent, he thinks he’s only doing what’s best for him. Fred is a loving father, after all. As proof, check out this heartwarming Kapamilya Toplist of scenes from 2 Good 2 Be True.

There was no bigger way to prove his love for Eloy than by making a promise to be home for him. He never lost hope that one day he would get out of jail knowing he has a son waiting for him. Their bond was clear even in their short conversations during Eloy’s visit to Fred at the police station. 

Fred has always been supportive of Eloy’s romance with Ali (Kathryn Bernardo). In a scene, he told Eloy to be better be good at wooing a girl. Then, the son teased his father, bringing up stories of the latter’s ‘torpe’ days. Eloy remembers his mom (Mickey Ferriols) telling them that she was the one to make the first move. Then it got more heartwarming from there. Fred recalled that Miriam/Hannah had a long line of admirers who wish to dance with her. She was pretty and smart, thus intimidating to a simple guy like him.

Fred knows he has a good son. He thought Eloy must have a reason for getting involved in the hotel heist. It reminded him of the time Eloy engaged in a street fight to defend his friends. Although he also knows the motive won’t justify the action, Fred chose to be gentle with him.

As a father, Fred will protect Eloy from what he believes would bring trouble. And in his perspective, trouble comes in the form of Lolo Hugo (Ronaldo Valdez). However, at some point, this led to cracks in their relationship.

Their reunion finally happened and it was nothing short of heartfelt. Fred received parole and Lola Heart (Irma Adlawan) made the homecoming more special by preparing Fred’s favorite food. They couldn’t believe that they are finally eating together – at home.

Fred and Eloy missed each other. Making up for the lost time, they did everything together from sharing meals to even washing the dishes. Lola Heart volunteered to vacate her room for Fred and stay in a separate house, but the boys would protest. She smiled and teased them for being inseparable.

Before going to bed that night, the father and son talked about their plans. Fred had suggestions about Eloy’s auto repair shop. They looked forward to achieving bigger goals with each other.

The next morning, Eloy found the piece of paper that Fred tore from his record book. It contained Fred's bucket list which includes his wish to see his son succeed.

Fred and Eloy can do so much as a team. However, there are ‘kontrabidas’ trying to destroy them.

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