Plate Twists: Gillian & Bianca share bizarre ways to prepare burger

It’s the time of the year again when we get occupied by various Halloween activities – may it be attending or organizing parties, getting together with family and friends we haven’t seen for quite some time, binge-watching horror series and flicks, or taking that well-deserved out-of-town trip.

But just in case you’re thinking of doing something productive and satisfying during the long weekend, then you may want to put your kitchen skills to the test by cooking the bizarre dishes that 2 Good 2 Be True stars Gillian Vicencio and Bianca de Vera presented in this latest episode of Rise Artists Studio’s Plate Twists.



And since it’s Halloween, the two lovely hosts also made sure to dress up inspired by their favorite fictional characters. Cladded in a powder blue sundress and white ribbon, Bianca described herself as modern version of Alice In Wonderland. Gillian, on the other hand, embodied her favorite manga character Mikey Sano of Tokyo Revengers by putting on black sunglasses and a black kimono over her white T-shirt.


2 Good 2 Be True


The first one to demonstrate her recipe was Gillian, which was “Balut Burger with Balsamic Mayo Sauce and Balsamic Sauce.” The ingredients you’re going to need are 3 boiled baluts, 1 tbsp oyster sauce, 2 tbsp Worcestershire sauce, ½ teaspoon apple cider vinegar, 2 pcs burger buns, bread crumbs, half-diced onion, 1 tbsp garlic, 1 egg, butter, tomato, onion, balsamic vinegar, mayonnaise, sugar, and salt and pepper to taste.

She started off by sautéing the garlic, and while she’s doing it, Bianca animatedly confessed that she doesn’t eat the chick, as it reminded her of the colored chicks she used to buy at the cemetery when she was still a little kid. Just when we thought that they’re going to take a break from tackling love and heartbreaks, they seem to not help it, especially when Bianca mentioned that she enjoyed the chicks she bought in the first few days that she had them, but eventually gets tired of them, so they just died.

Gillian then sautéed the boiled baluts and added oyster sauce, Worcestershire sauce, and apple cider vinegar. She the set it aside as they already prepared a food processed balut prior to filming the episode. In a bowl, she mixed diced onion, bread crumbs, and beaten egg to the ground balut, as well as salt and pepper to taste. Afterwards, she formed the mixture into patties and put those into freezer for five minutes.


2 Good 2 Be True


While waiting for the patties, Gillian then proceeded on concocting the sauces and, at the same time, asking Bianca the things she’s scared of when it comes to love. As masochist as it may sound, but the latter confessed that instead of fearing heartbreak, she actually appreciates it because she’s able to use it at work and it also makes her feel human. When Gillian admitted that she’s afraid of getting hurt, Bianca imparted that her co-star is currently at the stage where her guards are all up, so she wouldn’t let anyone in her space. Gillian confirmed it by sharing that she’s scared to trust and to get attached, with Bianca giving a shout out to the guy who we believed was the former’s ex.

Since the balsamic vinegar isn’t that budget-friendly, Gillian advised the viewers that they could use Sukang Iloko instead. However, she remarked that buying the former will be worth it. She then went on to reduce (or simmer until some of the water evaporates) the balsamic vinegar in a pan, then added sugar and continued mixing until she achieves the consistency that she desires.

Their director then asked both of them about what their past relationships have taught them to ‘reduce,’ to which Bianca straightforwardly answered, “Siguro, ‘wag ka lang umasa in general”. She continued to explain how we often put the blame on the other person, to think that it could be us who’s making ourselves hope – to which Gillian totally agreed.

Gillian then mixed the mayonnaise and balsamic vinegar, and added salt and pepper to taste. After that, she seared the now intact balut patties until it’s cooked. While doing so, she quizzed Bianca if she’s frightened to commit, to which she retorted “ngayon”, and expounded that since she is currently focused on whatever she’s doing, she is not yet ready to give her all to a person. Besides, she’s also the “date-to-marry” type.

On the other hand, Gillian explained, “Takot ako masaktan. ‘Di ko na alam ‘yong effect sa akin kapag nasaktan ulit ako ngayon. So, baka hindi pa ako fully healed sa mga nangyari sa’kin na sakit. Kaya I’m building myself up again. Nandoon ako sa journey na ‘yon.”



She then imparted how she used to be dependent to her loved ones, which she realized isn’t good because it will be hard to find yourself again once they walk out of your life. As the balut patties began to appear pleasing, she related that there are things that may look scary at first, but are actually going to be fine in the end.

Since she’s currently paired with Yves Flores in 2 Good 2 Be True and their tandem has earned ardent shippers, Bianca asked Gillian if there’s a chance for them to make it real beyond the show. As she iterated that she isn’t ready yet, Bianca exposed that there were instances that Gillian – her roommate – and Yves would hang out at the rooftop of their lock-in taping hotel in the middle of the night.

Although she’s aware that they are just friends, Bianca couldn’t help but think of them being more than friends. While she refused to disclose if she and Yves have the chance to be together, she admitted that she finds him handsome and cute.

While she was toasting the burger buns in a pan, they continued talking about their other fears when it comes to love, and even asked the viewers to share their answers, too. For Bianca, it’s feeling indifferent towards the relationship and, at the same time, leaving that person she will be with.

When Gillian was finished assembling the burger and plating it with a Caesar salad on the side, Bianca started making her “Chorizo Langka Burger.” The ingredients that you have to prepare for this unique dish are ½ large red onion (halved and thinly sliced), 1 jalapeno or bell pepper (seeded and sliced), ¼ cup langka, 6 ounces ground pork or beef, ¼ fresh chorizo, ¼ teaspoon salt, ¼ teaspoon pepper, 2 hamburger buns, ½ cup fresh baby spinach, 2 tbsp peeled and grated labanos, caramelized tomatoes, cheese, and butter.



She also began with creating the patties, combining the ground meat and chorizo first in a bowl, and sprinkling salt and pepper to stimulate its taste. Afterwards, she formed two ¾ inch-thick patties and set it aside as she proceeded on toasting the buns in a pan. While doing so, she asked Gillian: “takot ka bang magsawa o pagsawaan?”

The latter responded “pagsawaan”, and explained, “Pleaser kasi ako na tao e. So, kapag pinagsawaan ako tapos alam kong binigay ko naman ‘yong lahat ko, ano pang kulang sa akin? Bakit siya nagsasawa?”

After heating the buns, she seared the burger patties in low heat until they’re cooked, and put a slice of cheese on top of the patties. She then covered the pan with its lid in order for the cheese to quickly melt. Once done, she started assembling the burger by putting the spinach (which can be lettuce), caramelized tomatoes, patties, jalapeno or bell pepper, pickled langka, labanos, and onion. While busy plating, Bianca divulged that she actually participated in the ABS-CBN cooking competition Junior Masterchef Pinoy Edition.

The two ladies immediately dug in to the burgers they just crafted and apparently enjoyed them!

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