Meet the superb singing acts set to dazzle us in the Your Moment finale

And after three months of scrupulously choosing the acts that will head on to the grand finals and are deserving to be hailed as the first-ever winners of the first-ever season of Your Moment, the top 3 finalists for each of the dancing and singing categories were finally named during the semi-finals held last weekend. 

As we anticipate the finale of the 2-in-1 reality talent program, let’s reminisce the captivating and impressive journey of the Top 3 singing acts throughout the competition in this feature.


Juan Gapang

Meet the superb singing acts set to dazzle us in the Your Moment finale 1

Ang music kasi para sa’kin isang mahabang proseso, habang buhay na pag-aaral ‘yan. Para siyang napakahaba na tulay.

This is how Kokoi Ubaldo, the vocalist of this up-and-coming heavy metal band, described his and his bandmates’ musical journey as they collaboratively strived to break into the local music scene. Most of us have probably known him as one of the most remarkable contestants of the second season of The Voice Philippines six years ago, not only because of his striking facade, but mainly of his enthralling performances. 

In this video, he disclosed that he owed his penchant for music to nature, which, according to him, allowed him to see and paved the way for him to reach everything he hadn’t seen before. And it was through music that he’s able to express himself more and meet his bandmates at present.

And as he went back to television, he indeed riveted us with how he, along with the other members of Juan Gapang, rock the stage in their every performance.

They might have come from different groups and points in the Philippines, but Juan Gapang was bound by their passion for music after they first met in 2015 at a gig. The band is comprised of Kokoi on vocals, Gyem and Rusty on guitars, Jon on drums, and Teejay on bass.

According to Teejay, their concept was actually a brainchild of Kokoi, as their name represents their oneness in “crawling” as they strive to break into the music industry amidst the struggles they have to face. And one of the difficulties they have been facing is having regular rehearsals, since Kokoi is based in Bacolod while the rest are in Antipolo City and Quezon City, yet they’re able to overcome it and go on.

Kokoi also explained the reason why he opts to hop onstage barefooted, which according to him is his way of connecting to where he came from, to remind him to keep grounded, and to thank God.


First Moment Round

Juan Gapang instantly left the audience in goosebumps with their powerful rendition of Yano’s “Banal na Aso” on their singing stage debut that earned praises from the three judges and brought them to the next part of the competition.


Moment of Choice Round

During the 3-way showdown that took place in the Moment of Choice round, Juan Gapang managed to garner the highest score of 88.33% after bringing the house down with their psychedelic performance of Tropical Depression’s “Kapayapaan” that left them and everyone in the studio overwhelmed with emotions.

Placing first for this round, they were given the opportunity to initially choose who they would want to be their mentor for the Moment of Power and went for seasoned singer-songwriter, record producer, and music video director Marcus Davis. 


Moment of Power Round

Juan Gapang remained strong on top in the “Moment of Power” round as their moving performance of the late OPM icon Francis Magalona’s classic hit “Kaleidoscope World” gained them the highest score of 96.11%.


Lez 2 Men

Meet the superb singing acts set to dazzle us in the Your Moment finale 2

Despite already living in the modern era, Blue Siao, Akie Cedilla, and Zai Miguel, unfortunately, still have to endure the discrimination and snide remarks they got from the other people due to their gender preference. 

Since they haven’t found any platform that caters to lesbians like them, Lez 2 Men is utterly grateful for Your Moment as it has allowed them to showcase the talent they possess and to fulfill their ambition as well.  

The three of them had been together for three years now after meeting at a bar where they all worked as singers. They eventually agreed to form a band with lesbians as frontliners, thus, Lez 2 Men was formed.

Even though they are already full-fledged lesbians, they’re still compelled to dress up as women every time they appear onstage lest they wouldn’t be allowed to perform by the management of the bar where they’re working at. It’s indeed painful for them, but they have to accept it for the sake of work and of pursuing their passion for singing and entertaining people.

They may be masculine on the façade, but the trio still possess powerful female vocals that truly blew the minds of those who have seen their debut on the reality talent competition.


First Moment Round

Shock was indeed painted onto the judges’ face upon hearing the first few notes of their show-stopping rendition of Jennifer Hudson’s “One Night Only” during the First Moment Round. Nadine Lustre and Billy Crawford weren’t able to hide their thrill throughout the whole number and even gave them a standing ovation right after they finished. They commended Lez 2 Men not only for their wonderful performance, but with how they stuck to who they really are.  


Moment of Choice Round

After impressing us with their wide-ranging vocal prowess in the First Moment, Lez 2 Men did it once again as they seemed to depict Beyonce, Jennifer Hudson, and Anika Noni in their liberating performance of “Dreamgirls”. 

Aside from receiving praises from the judges for their impressive vocals and amusing choreography, they also garnered the third highest score of 81.67%, which made it possible for them to head on to the next round and be mentored by renowned singer and performer Randy Santiago.


Moment of Power Round

Lez 2 Men literally rocked the stage during the “Moment of Power” round with their mind-blowing performance of Journey’s “Separate Ways” which really captivated the viewers. This gained them the second highest score of 91.11%, paving their way to enter the grand finals.


Verse Band

Meet the superb singing acts set to dazzle us in the Your Moment finale 3

Coming from a family of musicians – with their Daddy Vher as a bassist and Mommy Mhel as a vocalist in their heydays – the Bedaña siblings, or more known as The Verse Band (which they got from their father’s nickname), didn’t waste the talents passed on to them by their parents as they put those into good use.

Aside from pursuing their passion for music, the band they formed has also been their way of helping their family with their finances, especially when their dad got diagnosed with goiter and their mom’s asthma worsened. Thus, they’re thankful to Your Moment for this would not only help them achieve their dreams, but would make their parents proud of them too!

The Verse Band – composed of Nisha on vocals, Jade on drums, and Benok on guitars – would not have materialized, if not for Nisha who persuaded her two brothers to give music a shot. 

Among them, it was Nisha who was really determined to enter the music scene as she joined The Voice Teens Philippines and Tawag ng Tanghalan before to no avail. And as they’re able to make it to the 2-in-1 reality competition, they have nothing but gratitude for the big break it has provided them. 


First Moment Round

This awesome trio immediately captured our hearts and attentions with their soulful rendition of Itchyworms’ “Di Na Muli” during their debut on the singing stage of Your Moment. This became their ticket to entering the next level.


Moment Of Choice Round

Their powerful performance of Bishop Briggs’ “River” earned the nods of the judges as were given the second highest score of 85% during the Moment of Choice round, allowing them to proceed to the semi-finals wherein they would be mentored by King of Acoustic Pop Nyoy Volante.


Moment of Power Round

And for the Moment of Power round, The Verse Band made sure that they’re going to captivate us once more as they rocked and set the stage on fire with the classic Sampaguita hit “Nosi Balasi”. That gained them the third highest score of 90.56% for that round and the chance to snag the first-ever singing act to be declared as the grand winner of Your Moment.

Which among Juan Gapang, Lez 2 Men, and The Verse Band is your bet to be the first-ever grand champion under the singing category? Well, you better show your support for them this in the grand finals of Your Moment on February 1, Saturday, after Home Sweetie Home and February 2, Sunday, after Rated K