Awesome dancing acts that grooved their way to the Your Moment grand finals

After three months of watching every dance performance in order to determine who among the dance acts deserve the most to make it to the top, the time has finally come to hail the group who’s going to be the one of the two first-ever winners of Your Moment.

And while we are looking forward on the much-awaited grand finals which will be held this coming weekend, let’s take a look back first on the exciting and remarkable journey of the Top 3 dance acts via this feature.


Fabulous Sisters

Awesome dancing acts that grooved their way to the Your Moment grand finals 1

One of the foreign participants to grace the debut season of the 2-in-1 reality program, the Fabulous Sisters is an all-female fusion dance group from Japan who relentlessly amazed us with their versatility and synchronized fiery movements. According to their choreographer Ruu, they were formed in 2016, the same year when they won first place World of Dance Japan – the first-ever dance contest they participated in, which was succeeded by another victory on that same competition in 2017.

They came here to the Philippines for the first time not only to take home the grand winner trophy, but to also introduce their group and dance style to the viewers and impart their passion and technique to other contestants too!

When they joined their first-ever competition in 2016, Ruu said that it was merely for experience. However, their second attempt in World of Dance Japan was a success again, allowing them to compete against the toughest groups from different parts of the world.

They may treat each other as sisters, thus the name, but she assured that each of them gets serious and strict with one another every time they perform. She then went on to explain their dancing style, which is called Urban Jazz, and expressed how delighted they were for the warm welcome they received from us Filipinos.

First Moment Round

Clad in flamenco-inspired frocks, the Fabulous Sisters immediately wowed the three judges with their energetic and precise movements just on their initial moments on the dance stage of Your Moment. Thus, they earned praises from them by the end of their number.

Moment of Choice Round

As they entered the next round, the all-female Japanese dance crew made sure to bedazzle us anew with their stupefying and eccentric performance that received a standing ovation from the panel of judges afterwards.

Garnering the highest grade of 88.89%, they ranked first among the Top 5 acts who made it through the three-way showdown. And in order to provide us a more topnotch performance on the semi-finals, they picked renowned stage director and choreographer Andy Alviz to be their mentor.

Moment of Power Round

And for their last hurrah prior to the grand finals, the Fabulous Sisters definitely thrilled everyone with their show-stopping and powerful Japanese-inspired number. In the end, they received the second highest score of 93.89%.


Kenyo Street Fam

Awesome dancing acts that grooved their way to the Your Moment grand finals 2

Comprised by talented dudes who grew up together in Bulacan, the Kenyo Street Fam has considered dancing as their life. Even though the compensation and prizes they earn from performing and joining contests have never been enough to sustain their needs, they still keep doing it all for the love of the craft.

Established in 2013, the all-male dance group, is composed of young Bulakenyos, thus the name of their crew. They recalled experiencing a lot of hardships every time they went on their rehearsals and being ridiculed by other people because of what they do and how they looked like. But they simply just shrugged those off and continue pursuing what they’re doing.

First Moment Round

And all their hardships and sacrifices paid off as they’re able to make the judges jump off their seats after their amusing and jaw-dropping dance performance.

Moment of Choice Round

For this three-way showdown, the Kenyo Street Fam once again amazed us with their precise dance moves and heart-pounding stunts, complemented by their comedy-infused routines. This gave them the grade of 87.88%, tying with Ruthless Comrades.

Being on the Top 5 dance acts for this round, they were given the opportunity to choose who among the ‘Circle of Life’ mentors they would want to guide them on their semi-finals stint. They opted for former Hotlegs member and Philippine All-stars Artistic Director Lema Diaz since they were on the same genre.

Moment of Power Round

Extremely amazed and entertained by their flawless and upbeat semi-finals performance, the judges gave Kenyo Street Fam the highest (and almost perfect!) grade of 97.22%.


Ruthless Comrades

Awesome dancing acts that grooved their way to the Your Moment grand finals 3

Driven by their ambition to form a mega crew composed of youths from different parts of Taytay, Rizal, Ruthless Comrades has managed to make it possible in spite of the challenges and difficulties they have to go through. Since they’ve considered each other as family, everyone tried their best to help whoever among them is in need and vowed to get each other’s back no matter what.

First Moment Round

The 35-piece squad didn’t literally fill the Your Moment stage with their presence, but with their brimming energy as well, as they immediately captivated the judges with their performance, and even have them erupt from their seats.

Moment Of Choice Round

During the three-way showdown, Ruthless Comrades proved how merciless they could be as they absolutely slain the dancefloor with their killer, synchronized moves that once again got everyone in the studio riotously cheering for them.

Although they didn’t have the chance to rehearse prior to their set, they performance received the truly impressive score of 87.88%, tying with the Kenyo Street Fam.

Since they made it to the Top 5, they had the chance to choose who among the ‘Circle of Life’ mentors they would want to guide them on the next round and they picked World of Dance Manila Onground Enterprise Director and Legit Status dance group founder Vimi Rivera.

Moment of Power Round

Ruthless Comrades impressed the judges anew with their exceptional school-inspired dance number, which they completed with an amazing instant constant costume change that happened right before our eyes. This brought them to the third spot after raking in the final grade of 90%, paving their way to the grand finals.

Which among these Top 3 dance acts will be hailed as the first-ever grand winner of Your Moment? Let’s all find out by not missing the grand finals this coming Saturday, February 1, after Home Sweetie Home and Sunday, February 2, after Rated K!